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Character Spotlight ~ Melody Carlson's Four Lindas with giveaway

yThe Four Lindas

Melody Carlson is a talented writer that can turn her hand to any genre or age group and write significant, challenging and entertaining stories. Her newest series commences with As Young As We Feel, focussing on the lives of four women in their fifties, who have been life long friends.

Enjoy this introduction to the four Lindas!

Brief physical description

While not all baby-boomers age as gracefully as the foursome pictured here (the women who starred in 30-Something TV show a couple of decades ago) today’s 50-something women aren’t sitting in their rocking chairs. Meet the Four Lindas—for girls who met in first grade, shared the same first name, started a club and then grew up. Janie is beautiful New York attorney dealing with grief. Abby is a lonely empty-nester housewife. Marley is a frustrated artist who just escaped a bad marriage. Caroline is a Hollywood beauty who never really made it big. Now they are reunited in their coastal hometown of Clifden Oregon. Let the good times roll!

Strengths and weaknesses

Empty-nester Abby is kindhearted, hospitable, generous…almost to a fault. So focused on caring for others, including her slightly selfish husband, she neglects herself.

Janie is an educated, intelligent, driven attorney with a designer wardrobe, but grieving the loss of her husband, she doubts herself, questioning the meaning of life.

Marley, recovering from a bad marriage and crushed identity, wonders if there’s such a thing as do-overs and whether the artist in her can reemerge.

Caroline is an optimist and survivor. But her acting career fizzled more than sizzled, and now her sunny disposition is tested as she cares for a mom with Alzheimer’s.

Your inspiration for the character

The Four Lindas are like women I know. Parts of myself, friends, and relatives are found in these characters. But, being in our fifties is still unexplored territory. Most of us don’t want to live like our grandmothers (even if we loved them). We see this era as a new beginning, a time to pursue new dreams, enjoy some freedom—and despite things like hot-flashes, crow’s feet, arm flaps…we want to live life the rest of our lives to the fullest.

Background to the story

At a reunion I was enjoying sharing memories with some old girl friends, rehashing some crazy things we’d done as teens, realizing that inside each one of us—that same teen girl still resides. And so I thought what if I created a story setting with a fictional club of girls—all with the same first name—let them grow up together then all go their separate ways, but reunite them as 50-something women. Really, what is so much different about being 50 or 15? Both are just embarking on a new stage of life. Thus began The Four Lindas, a series of four books, and I just finished writing the third book and love these four characters more than ever!

Thanks for introducing us to the four Lindas, Melody! Looking forward to getting to know them as the books progress.

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US/Canadian Giveaway

With thanks to the brilliant WynnWynn Media, one of my American or Canadian readers will get their hands on a copy of As Young As We Feel! To enter:~

Post a comment on my blog on or before Sunday 21st March, 2010 and tell us if you remain close with your high school buddies

Please note you must have a US mainland or Canadian address to qualify


nolene said...

I love Melody's books and look forward to this one! I sadly have not stayed in contact with my highschool friends as we have all gone very different directions. I also missed our school reunion due to enourmous distance but it would have been interesting!

Merry said...

Melody's book strikes a chord with me, it sounds interesting. I'm in contact with a couple of friends from high school.


Amber S. said...

I'd like a chance to win this book! :) I just graduated from high school last year, and I keep in touch with several of my friends from there. In fact, I have spring break next week, so I hope that I can see some of them then!



Linda said...

I'm a Linda and wish I had thought to use my middle name. Everywhere I went they were Linda's in my class, even a class of 8!!
Please enter me.

desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

Jenny said...

Anything from Melody is worth checking out...thanks for the spotlight. Can't wait to read this series.

PS - You don't have to include me in the draw. I have it checked out from the library and hope to get to it before it's due. :)

Edna said...

I would love to win this book, please enter me
I am only in contact with one of my classmates and that is on facebook.

I have your button on my blog

I follow you on google


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