Monday, 29 March 2010

Sneak peek at Nightshade by Ronie Kendig

As you know I loved Ronie Kendig's debut offering, Dead Reckoning and I have been dying to share with you her next novel, Nightshade, the first in Ronie's Discarded Heroes series which releases in July this year.

Here's a glimpse into the series from Ronie:~

Six men return home from war. Now these champions of freedom are wounded and discarded . . . until a high-ranking official infuses them with hope. Together they become Nightshade, an elite black ops team that neutralizes hot spots other governments won’t touch. Heroes under the radar, these men must find the courage to fight one final battle—for their loved ones and themselves.

The series kicks off with Nightshade, a high octane military suspense novel that I have had the great privilege to read and be captivated by. Here's how Ronie describes her story:~

Max Jacobs is ready to end it all. His stint as a SEAL is over. So is his marriage. All thanks to his out-of-control anger. Then an invitation comes to join a black ops team called Nightshade. War changed him. War calls to him. With nothing to lose, Max signs on.

A failed marriage isn’t all her husband left Sydney Jacobs—he left her with an unplanned pregnancy. Heartbroken, she buries herself in her journalism career. Soon, she’s chasing an ultra-secret paramilitary group around the globe.

In the deadly jungle they battle for their marriage - and their lives

Now, here's a teaser from my review:~

Just like the Hayabusa motorbike Max Jacobs rides, Nightshade is a powerful and electrifying read, accelerating through danger at breakneck speed and stirring deep emotion as Max and Sydney watch their marriage disintegrate and danger come to their door.

Following Nightshade comes Digitalis, Wolfsbane & Firethorn and having already met these men in Nightshade I can't wait to learn their stories of courage, struggle and faith.

Stay tuned for more announcements about this series closer to the release date of Nightshade, including something very special from Ronie, which will encourage men and women just like Max and the guys on his team!


Ronie Kendig said...

WOWOWOW!!! Thank you for this. It's THRILLING to watch this series step into the limelight and find its audience. THANK YOU so much, Rel!! WHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Renee (SteelerGirl83) said...

Okay this is definitely a series I'm going to be reading!!! I can't wait for Nightshade (btw love the titles of the books in the series) I added this book to my wishlist when I saw the great cover and that blurb is just terrific! I've never read anything by Ronie but I'm really looking forward to this series!

XOXO~ Renee

southeastcountrywife said...

I'm not sure whether Dead Reckoning would be my thing but this new series definitely sounds like something I'd pick up!!!

Beth Goddard said...

Your "teaser" perfect describes NIGHTSHADE! Another "high octane" book by Ronie! Congratulations on your success, Ronie. ;)

Love you!

Sara said...

You've got a great blog! This book is definately being added to my reading list. The cover looks like an Irene Hannon book...and I love those! :)

Jenny said...

Looking forward to reading this series...and I'm with you, Sara, I thought it looked like Irene's book covers too. :)

Sherry Kuhn said...

Loved the teaser. Looking forward to meeting these men and reading their stories.


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