Monday, 8 March 2010

Character Spotlight ~ Leanna Ellis' Bryn Seymour

Bryn Seymour

Leanna Ellis has made a name for herself writing unique character driven stories with humour and edge. Her latest tale, Once in a Blue Moon, is no exception combining unusual and complex characters with the moon landing, conspiracy theories and romance.

Check out this look behind Bryn Seymour and come back for my review of Once in a Blue Moon later this week!

Over to you, Leanna:~

Brief physical description

Bryn Seymour, from Once in a Blue Moon, has very short brown hair and brown eyes. She’s a
single mom with a daughter in college. She’s adventurous, very much a dare-devil.

Actor/famous person

Maybe an older version of Keira Knightly. I usually build
a character from her goals, motivations and emotions and don’t concentrate too much on the external unless it is to reveal something about the character.

Rel: I was really taken with Leanna's character, Sam Walters and have picked J
effrey Dean Morgan to reflect him! What do you think, Leanna?!

Strengths and weakness

Bryn is carrying around a lot of baggage but she doesn’t realize it is often influencing her decisions. She has many strengths that have
helped her in being a single mom and yet those same strengths have made it difficult for her to have a long term romantic relationship. She is often impulsive and reckless in her attempts to fly free of the past but then fears and distrust of herself pull her down.

Quirk (if any)

She has several quirks. One is that when she meets someone she sizes them up as whether they would be buried in a casket or end up in an urn. Did I mention she has a dark side? She also constantly writes epitaphs for herself.

Your i
nspiration for the character

I read an article about a woman who writes obituaries. Almost instantly, I thought, what if an obituary writer’s first obit was written for her mother when she was eight? I had to know more about that character.

Background to the story

’s mother dies the night Neil Armstrong steps on the moon. It’s a night that haunts her for many years until she meets a strange scientist named Howard. He’s a conspiracy theorist. And he knew her mother. She wants to know more about her mother from an adult perspective and follows Howard to Marfa, Texas to learn more.

She learns she must let go of the past in order to embrace her future and that the first step to soaring is a step of faith.

Leanna ~ thanks for sharing about Bryn and for writing stories with a difference!

On Thursday, the spotlight shines on Debbie Viguie's Cindy and Jeremiah, from the first of her Psalm 23 Mysteries, The Lord Is My Shepherd.

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Nicole said...

Loved this novel.

Jenny said...

Reading this one now...and I'm getting a kick out of Bryn's quirks. ;)

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