Monday, 25 February 2008

Elvis Takes a Back Seat by Leanna Ellis and Aussie Giveaway!

Dear Claudia,

I'm waiting for the end.

Can't stop thinking.

Elvis is in the basement.

And he belongs in Memphis.

He haunts me....


Still grieving from her husband's early death, Claudia stumbles across a note from him, with an odd request - take Stu's beloved bust of Elvis back to Memphis. Unable to refuse, Claudia hits the road in Stu's red vintage Cadillac with her Aunt Rae, an unconventional woman with a mysterious tie to Elvis and the conspicuous bust of Elvis riding in the back seat. Joining them is Ivy, the teenage daughter of Stu's best friend Ben, unpredictable and defiant and maybe more than the childless Claudia can handle.

Their journey is replete with shocking revelations, fascinating people, a sharing of secrets and finally, blossoming hope and love.

Leanna Ellis tells a unique and quirky tale that is fun, captivating and inspiring. Claudia, Rae and Ivy represent woman across the generations and their interaction, though not without difficulties, engagingly highlights the importance of female relationships. Leanna is adept at creating poignant and tender scenes without sentimentality as the characters battle with grief, fear, rejection, faith and love. Seamlessly woven throughout the story are fascinating insights into Elvis' life, love lost and rediscovered and burgeoning hope. If you are looking fsomething a little different from the main fare and a better than average read, Elvis Takes a Back Seat is is the real deal!

Available now from Broadman & Holman

I am thrilled to have four copies of this book to give away, thanks to publisher, Broadman & Holman. To enter, please meet the following:~

1. An Aussie mailing address

2. Post before midnight on 10th March, 2008

3. Tell me your favourite Elvis song or movie!

I won't be much help on this one as I didn't know who Elvis was until his death! I was most embarrassed at school when I said, "Elvis who?"!


Jewelz said...

Um, well I was never allowed to listen to Elvis, but I did learn a song on piano once. I THINK it was called "Love Me Tender"?
Anyway, do I still qualify?
itsmyemail (at)

Ausjenny said...

I would have to say "Hawaiian Wedding Song" I saw them do the hulu to this in Hawaii but is a great song its from Blue Hawaii.
Please enter me.
I grew up on some of his movies and remember when he died i was in year 10 i think it was the same year The then Pope died.

izitjo said...

"Can't help falling in love with you" is one of my favourite Elvis songs. I can't remember his movies that well. I watched so many as a midday movie watching teenager that they all blend in to one another.

That's an "enter me" please. :)
jojo_777 (at)

Tracy said...

I'm going to attempt to enter. However I think I'm one step worse than you Rel. I knew who Elvis was, but I don't like his movies and I'm not that thrilled by his music! Terrible aren't I?!

Jaana said...

I like some of the gospel songs he sang, like Amazing Grace and How Great Thou art. Please enter me in.
ps. I have a 16 yr old niece who adores Elvis!

Jen said...

We really missed out Rel. Love Me Tender I think is one of my favs. Sadly, Aimee knows more of his songs than me. Thanks Rel

Anonymous said...

I never really liked any of his movies, always thought they were abit corny but I do like alot of his songs. I also liked his gospel songs but I think my favourite is wooden heart. I don;t really krow the words but love the catchy tune. wendyb

ad said...

I really loved Elvis and was so sad when he died.Love me tender ,is certainly my favourite song and though his movies were not that good I still loved watching them because he was so gorgeous in them.

Danielle said...

I've not been a huge Elvis fan, but who cannot know "Blue Suede Shoes"? It's such a catchy tune!

I remember being a pre-teen and watching some of his beach movies and thinking he was very much a dish :).


Naomi said...

Oh wow I am not really an Elvis fan either. I remember the day he died. I was about five and was so interested that this teenage girl I knew was just bawling her eyes out. I thought he must have been someone famous.

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