Friday, 22 February 2008

Someday by Karen Kingsbury

The Baxter Family and their friends are back in the penultimate story of their lives in Someday.

John Baxter comes to a pivotal moment in his burgeoning relationship with Elaine but uncertainty plagues him as to whether he can have a future with Elaine. The practical and emotional implications of moving on appear to be hurdles too high to overcome.

Bloomington seems to have lost some of its heart with the decision to destroy the CKT theatre as Bailey and Connor Flanigan seek out other activities to occupy their time.

Meanwhile Dayne and Katy's reality show goes to air with dreaded consequences, which threaten not only their marriage but another beloved Baxter family unit.

Someday continues the Sunrise series, following on from the emotional conclusion in Summer. The insidious nature of life in the public eye continues to plague Dayne and Katy and this is fleshed out well, together with the ripple effect upon their extended family. Bailey Flanigan and her family are very minor characters in this story and I would have liked to have seen their lives developed more, along with Cody Coleman who is mentioned only briefly. Karen sensitively shows the pressures on John Baxter as he tries to move on to a new life without his beloved Elizabeth. The myriad of issues and difficult decisions required to be made are developed skillfully and with realism. After the emotional intesity of Summer, Someday seemed a little flat but I have no doubt that Karen will end this highly successful series with her usual inspirational flair and passion when Sunset releases in September, 2008 from Tyndale.


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