Friday, 1 February 2008

Sister's Ink by Rebeca Seitz & multiple Aussie giveaways!

Tandy, Kendra, Meg and Joy Sinclair are an eclectic group of sisters as a result of each of them being adopted by Daddy Sinclair and his late wife, Momma Sinclair and raised in the small Tennessee town of Stars Hill.

Each of the girls love in Stars Hill except for Tandy, a driven and successful lawyer, until a moral dilemma lands her in hot water with her boss and client. Given a leave of absence until the crisis subsides, Tandy heads home to her beloved family, not anticipating that the love of her life and perpetual nomad, Clay Kelner has returned to his roots and set up his own diner.

As Tandy struggles with her feelings for Clay, the obligation she feels to her late Momma and the joy of reconnecting with her sisters, she immerses herself in scrap booking her memories and seeking God's plan for her life.

Rebeca Seitz has a hit series in the making! Sister's Ink launches the reader into the complex lives of four women, each struggling with issues in their lives yet sharing the burdens with each other. Rebeca has stuffed this novel with friendship, family, romance, discovery, guilt, hope and peace and yet it fits together seamlessly. The faith message is subtle yet not hidden and Tandy's journey resonated with me as she tried to come to terms with her feelings for Clay and the deep obligation she feels to return to Orlando and achieve what she believes her Momma intended for her to do.
The romantic tension is fabulous and the glimpses in to Kendra's story enticing. I think the Sister's Ink series will quickly engage readers regardless of their affection for scrap booking! Rebeca's characterisation is top notch and I eagerly anticipate returning to Stars Hill and what lies in store for Kendra, Joy and Meg.

Ok, so it is giveaway galore time at RelzReviewz ~ thanks to the generosity of publisher Broadman & Holman, I have an amazing 5 copies of Sisters, Ink to giveaway.

So here are the requirements:~

1. An aussie mailing addy;

2. Post before midnight on Friday 8th February; and

3. Tell me the worst thing you ever did to torment your sister!!! If you don't have a sister, then something you did to your brother :)

Check back tomorrow for my detailed and fascinating interview with Rebeca and find out about the story behind her publicity firm, Glass Road Public Relations, a sneak peek at Scrapping Plans, the third Sisters, Ink novel and the hilarious practical joke played on an unsuspecting Thomas Nelson publisher by Rebeca, Robert Whitlow and the then newly signed, Charles Martin!


Jewlz said...

Probably not the worst thing, but the only one I can remember (no, I'm not really that nice)was when my brother Tim and I played up a call that was extremely simple, and had the two younger kids in absolute agony wanting to know what was going on. I don't think we ever told them, and they've forgotten by now, but it was hilarious!!!
I'd love to be entered for this book.
itsmyemail (at)

Ausjenny said...

This is hard i had an older brother who tormented me all the time.
I do remember one easter we use to hide each others easter eggs. well hes almost 5 years older so had not hope so i just put it under his pillow.
he searched his room high and low and was so annoyed. then sat down just missing the egg.
hes was impressed but i know it annoyed him he didn't find it.
not sure if thats torment.
please enter me i love the look of this book.

Tracy said...

My foggy sleep deprived brain isn't ready for this...but the book looks too good not to put an entry in for it!

I had two younger brothers. The youngest was MEANT to be a girl, and boy did he get it wrong! The worst thing I ever did? Actually the older of the boys was the one who did all the doing in our home. But I do remember have a fight with him one day and in the full throws of the action I yanked out a tuft of his hair. I was shocked at myself but too angry to let that stop me.

Funnily enough, he's now bald and we get a long great :)

ad said...

I made my sister do dangerous things and she always got hurt but I never did.Please enter me in the draw ta.

Chloe-Anne =] said...

As the oldest of five children and my only sister being the youngest, i have not done really done anything to her. But on the other hand my brothers are a different story:p, I have always done little things to annoy them but I wasn't really sure of something that I did constantly, so I asked them and straight away the said that I'm bossy.

So what about you Rel??

fiona said...

Probably the worst thing I did to my sister(older than me) was to lock her out of the house.

She, in the midst of a teenage tantrum, had stormed out and I in my mischief thought it would be a great idea to run around and lock all the doors.

Jen said...

I think the worst thing I did to you Rel was "hold" onto your hair when I was trying to get you out of my cupboard. I am sure you probably view this differently!!!!! I also want to know what was the worst thing you did to me!

Naomi said...

This book sounds so great. One of the worst things I ever did to my sister was to teach her that ducks say woof and dogs say quack. Took her a few years to figure that one out. LOL. Naomi

Nolene said...

I don't have a sister but a younger brother. It may sound really boring but the only thing I remember was him complaining when I was reading. I would spend hours in school holidays reading and he would run to my mother and say that I was reading again! and that I was so boring. I got a thrill out of the fact that mum could not exactly tell me to stop doing the reading and play with him.

Please enter me, this book sounds fab!

Jaana said...

My younger brother tells me the worst thing I did to him was make him play with barbie dolls!!! Please enter me in as I love scrapbooking.

Leola said...

Just to anoy my sister (and get things done for me) I used to leave my chores (eg making my bed or tiding our bedroom)to the last minute, and since she had to have everything done way ahead of time she couldn't cope, so she did it for me - with a lot of complaining. But hey, it worked!!
(Oh, and her kids now say it still works!!!!) Love to read the book - please enter me in the competition. thankyou!

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