Friday, 22 February 2008

Another exciting new story from Tyndale.....

Press release:~

Debut Author Tom Pawlik’s Vanish,

2006 Christian Writers Guild Operation First Novel Winner,

Delivers Nonstop Suspense in the Vein of Ted Dekker and Dean Koontz

“The low rumble of thunder grew louder as it approached. Thick clouds rolled westward like a giant wave washing across the sky. Prolonged flashes of lightening blazed inside the billows—red, blue, and amber.”

[Carol Stream, IL]—Three strangers each encounter the same mysterious storm and awake the next day to find that everyone else has vanished. There’s Connor Hayden, a successful but unscrupulous lawyer who has forsaken his family for his career; Helen Krause, a middle-aged model struggling to come to grips with her fading beauty; and Mitch Kent, an enterprising young mechanic unable to escape a past that still haunts him.

Tyndale House Publishers is pleased to present Vanish by Tom Pawlik, the 2006 Christian Writers Guild Operation First Novel Winner. Written in the tradition of Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and Ted Dekker, Vanish presents a chilling scenario that shows it’s never too late to turn your life around.

Afraid and desperate for answers, Connor, Helen, and Mitch’s paths cross and they discover they are being watched. Elusive and obscured in shadows, the “observers” are apparently forcing them to relive vivid hallucinations of events from their past. As the “observers” turn aggressive, they are forced on a cross-country journey from Chicago to Washington D.C. As they flee, they hope to find other survivors, but more importantly, they hope to find answers.

Tom Pawlik has a B.A. in communication and works in the marketing field. He has also been active in Christian teaching, youth work, and music for over twenty years. His debut novel, Vanish, won first place in the 2006 Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild’s Operation First Novel contest. In addition to writing fiction, Tom is also an accomplished songwriter and musician who writes and records at his home studio. He and his wife, Colette, live in Ohio with their four children and one large dog.


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