Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Echoes by Kristen Heitzmann

Haunted by an oppressive relationship and the traumatic fall out when it ceased, Sofie Michelli yearns to move on from the pitying stares of friends and the compassionate yet overwhelming concern of her ebullient Italian-American family.

Offered a place of solace by her brother Lance in the Sonoma villa being restored by his girlfriend, Rese Barrett, Sofie tentatively reaches out to others, especially an abandoned baby and an abused child.

Matt Hammond has given up the opportunity of a lucrative law practice for the difficult and wearying job as a Child Protective Service worker. Meeting the luminous yet troubled Sofie Michelli has him hoping for more than a man like him deserves.

Kristen Heitzmann's concluding story, Echoes which follows the remarkable Secrets and Unforgotten is both draining and uplifting. This story delves deeply in to the heart and mind of a women almost consumed by the "love" of a charismatic yet emotionally unhealthy man. Sofie's journey is painful and agonisingly real as she searches for truth and healing. Matt is also deeply troubled by his past, burdened with anger and bitterness against his unforgiving father and attempting to assuage his own guilt by saving others. Seamlessly woven around Matt and Sofie's story is the ongoing tale of Lance's love for Rese and his battle to win back her trust while coming to terms with his God-given gift of healing. Every single character in this story is drawn with great depth and dimension, showcasing Kirsten's exceptional talent. I was drawn to each one and shared their heartaches and joys as if I was rooming at the villa.

My expectations are sky high each time I open a Kristen Heitzmann novel. I am delighted to say Kristen has managed to exceed those expectations every time and Echoes is no exception. Do not miss this compelling series!


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