Friday, 14 December 2007

Finding Father Christmas by Robin Jones Gunn & US giveaway


Miranda Carson's desperate search for her father takes a turn she never expected when she finds herself in London a few days before Christmas with only a few feeble clues to who her father might be. Unexpectedly welcomed into a family that doesn't recognize her, and whom she's quickly coming to love, Miranda faces a terrible decision. Should she reveal her true identity and destroy their idyllic image of her father?

Or should she carry the truth home with her to San Francisco and remain alone in this world? Whatever choice she makes during this London Christmas will forever change the future for both herself and the family she can't bear to leave.

My take:~

Finding Father Christmas is a treat to read as Christmas Day approaches. It is a wonderful story of generosity, discovery and hope set against the snowy backdrop of Christmas Eve in the village of Carlton Heath in England. Having lived a desolate life since her actress mother died, American Miranda Carson impulsively takes a trip to the UK on Christmas Eve, to seek out clues about the identity of the father she has never known. Welcomed in to the Christmas celebrations of two families, Miranda is faced with an agonising choice.

Robin Jones Gunn's little novella is bursting with appealing characters and captures the joy of Christmas, the heartfelt emotions of a lost soul and the sometimes painful reality of speaking the truth. You will love following Miranda's journey and will enjoy sharing with her the kindness of strangers and the acceptance and comfort only God can give. Just delightful!

If you meet the following criteria you will be entered in to the draw for a copy of this Christmas story:~

1. Have a US or Canadian mailing address;
2. Post by midnight Monday 17th December; and
Tell me your favourite Christmas gift to give!


Anonymous said...

Homemade goodies!!! Cookies, fudge, candles, etc.!!!

Anonymous said...

Photos, are my favorite gifts to give. =)

Please enter me.

Cherie J said...

My favorite gifts to give are homemade cookies. Friends and family really look forward to them.

Lesha said...

Anything I know a person likes and could use. :)

Lovin' Life Liz said...

Well after thinking about this--my favorite gift this year was to the Salvation Army Angel Tree child--I picked a 8 month old as it would be this babies first Christmas--they asked for walking and musical toys and I bought a walk and ride, a litle press the button guitar and added a baby's first Christmas gift. Making a baby's 1st Christmas is my fav. gift to give.

windycindy said...

"Hello!" What I try my best to do is get a gift that someone really needs/wants. A present that will mean something to them! If they can't give me an clues, then I attempt to be imaginative with their gift. Thanks,Cindi

Deborah said...

yay a contest on here that i can enter because i don't already own the book lol!

i love giving books. what better way than to spread the love?

Mary S said...

my favorite present to give someone is something homemade, either something baked or scrapbooking related.

tetewa said...

I always get tickets for whatever new play is coming to my hometown for my mom for Christmas. Last year it was The Phantom of the Opera and this year it will be tickets to The Lion King.

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