Thursday, 27 December 2007

Harsh Pink by Melody Carlson

Reagan Mercer thought life was good and could never be bad. Well Reagan thought very wrong ……………… life had just turned upside down and has become like a roller coaster. Reagan and her mum have just moved from Boston in to a new city that they know nothing about. Nothing is worse then moving to a new school, but making the top cheer leading team and kicking Kendra the Queen bee out of her spot, starting at a new school is not going to be as easy as Reagan thought.

But when Kendra and her army of copycats start to befriend Reagan, Reagan goes for a wild ride and she starts to play along. Between everything that’s been going on at school, Reagan forgets about the meaning of responsibilities and forgets about her Nana who needs to be loved and cared for.

But will Reagan make the right choice when she really needs to. Or will she stoop to Kendra’s level and do what is the ‘cool’ thing so she can stay in the in-crowd.

I always love a good book that has been written by Melody Carlson. But some of the best books that she has written are the ones about people facing problems that most of us think are very insignificant. Teenagers struggle with lots of little things everyday and most of the time these little things actually are the cause of all the big problems that tend to occur. Popularity, friends and school are the three biggest things that a lot of teenagers struggle with and are pushed to the side. This is one of the reasons I appreciated Harsh Pink so much!

I love the way Reagan’s character changes in the end to a much nicer person who cares about everyone and not just about herself. Reagan learns to do what’s right and not judge people because they are the way God made them. She also learns not to be so harsh and picky when it comes to friends they may not have the same style in clothes as her, or be able to afford designer brands but are still great people. I really loved the book, it’s one of the best I’ve read and I loved it most because the title has the word ‘pink’ in it!

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Guest reviewer:~ teen Chloe~Anne


fiona said...

Great review, Chloe-Anne!!!!

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