Thursday, 21 August 2008

Long Journey Home by Sharlene MacLaren

Callie May is working hard to create a safe environment for her baby after fleeing her abusive husband. Determined not to make the same poor choices again, Callie is putting her trust in God, not men.

Shattered by the loss of his wife and baby daughter, Dan Mattson is running away as fast as he can from God and his life as a pastor. Moving to Oakdale and taking a job in construction, Dan needs no reminders of all he has lost.

Bitterness, pain and fear collide when Callie and Dan meet for the first time in the hallway between their apartments, but the two hurting souls strike up a tentative friendship which is thrown in to turmoil when Callie's former husband returns to stake his claim.

Long Journey Home is Sharlene MacLaren's latest contemporary novel after the success of her Little Hickman Creek historical series. It is an easy to read romantic tale that took a few chapters to grab me for some unknown reason. As Callie and Dan's friendship progressed, Sharlene's talent beckoned me closer to Dan's pain and Callie's fear and their need to overcome their past in order to move forward. Sharlene imbues her story with more substance by way of back story and character depth which lifts it beyond a simple romance and had me completely engaged by the story's end.

Available now from Whitaker House

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