Tuesday, 5 August 2008

New from Zondervan and Michael Snyder in 2009

The man who brought us Russell Fink and his unusual dog is back next year with another story sure to engage and delight! I just love the cover (tentative) - great to see something out of the ordinary....good bristles, too ;-)

Return Policy by Michael Snyder

In his second book, novelist Michael Snyder introduces us to thr
ee very unusual and distinct voices all torn by tragedy:

Willy Finneran, washed-up genre novelist with an espresso maker that just won’t die and a habit of avoiding conflict even if it means putting the truth on a sliding scale.

Ozena Webb, single mother and Javatek’s top customer service representative. She spends every evening
playing board games with her twelve-year-old son who is mentally crippled from an early childhood accident.

Shaq, a small and scraggy homeless man with trauma-induced blank spots on his memory, trying to piece together the story of his life while assisting Father Joe at the Mercy Mission.

As their stories intersect, the narrative vacillates between hope and naïveté, comic relief and postmodern ennui. Startling in its authenticity, this unforgettable novel reveals that no matter how far one has strayed from hope, there is always a way to return.

Releasing from Zondervan May, 2009

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Steve said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
michael snyder said...

Rel, how very, VERY cool of you to put up the info on the new book. I'm honored.

And as much as I too like that cover...it could be changing. But no worries, if it does change it'll get better, not worse.

Thanks a ton for the free publicity! It really means a lot.


Deborah said...

i honestly think that's the first time i have ever seen a toothbrush on the cover of a Christian fiction book. talk about edgy heh heh

Rel said...

Pleasure, Mike! I've amended the post to take into account the tentative nature of the cover :)

Jenny said...

Looks like a goodie - thanks for sharing, Rel! That toothbrush would definitely make folks do a double take.

Jennifer @ Quiverfull Family said...

I think I own that toothbrush!!

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