Monday, 18 August 2008

Love Starts With Elle by Rachel Hauck and signed giveaway

Artistic and a little bohemian, Elle Garvey loves life in small town Beaufort, South Carolina where she owns an art gallery. Engaged to Jeremiah Franklin, a pastor who oozes confidence and charisma, Elle is happy and in love. Willing to sacrifice her dreams to follow Jeremiah's call to a large church in Dallas, Elle heads to Texas only to find her fiancé's focus has switched from her to his new congregation.

Returning to Beaufort, Elle finds her heart confused and her home rented out to a NYC lawyer and his little girl, still grieving the loss of his wife. Heath McCord's pain and his uncertain yet passionate parenting appeal to Elle, as does his gentle encouragement to pursue her true passion ~ painting.

Can Elle follow her heart in love and life?

I love Rachel Hauck's books! Engaging characters, entertaining storylines and wonderful prose imprint each novel and make them exceptional. I am delighted to say Love Starts With Elle continues that trend. Elle Garvey, first introduced in Sweet Caroline, takes centre stage, a painter whose artistic talents are on hold as a result of a professor's harsh criticism years earlier. Jeremiah is a good man, overwhelmed by the demands of a large pastorate and Heath McCord is devoted dad, fearful of his ability to raise a little girl without her mum ~ Elle's emotions are torn. Rachel infuses each character with complexity, appealing characteristics and genuine weaknesses making Elle's journey authentic and captivating as she is brought to a crossroads in love, life and faith. Catch up on Caroline's life through emails with Elle and be strengthened in your faith through Miss Anna's love of God as Elle kneels with her in the prayer chapel. Simply put, Love Starts with Elle is a beautiful story that will engage your heart, soul and mind.

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Open Giveaway

Thanks to the lovely Rachel Hauck, I have a signed copy of Love Starts with Elle to give away! To enter:~

1. Post a comment by midnight Saturday 23rd August, 2008

2. Rach and I both love the Olympics! Share with us your favourite Beijing moment so far and Rach and I will share ours too.

Don't forget to leave a way to contact you or you won't be entered.


Rachel Hauck said...

Thanks for the lovely review, Rel!

Okay, my favorite Olympic moment is definitely Jason Lezak catching Frenchman Alain Bernard in the stretch home in the men's 4x100 free. I went crazy as he touched the wall ahead of the Frenchman.

I also really loved seeing the US Women take Gold and Silver in the individual overall gymnastics finals.

But Micheal Phelps, 8 gold, winning one race by 1/100th!

Then there's Bolt, the world's fastest man. He won the 100 meter dash by what, many strides and he slowed up before crossing the line.

I love sports!

Rachel :)

Tracy said...

Sounds like a great book, so for my entry...hmmmmm. I haven't watched too much, but the 4x100m women's medley was great.

windycindy said...

The women's 26 mile marathon was amazing. The lead the winner got and kept was amazing. Then, after her required lap and victory lap, she was still running! Thanks, Cindi

Ausjenny said...

This is so hard. the womens medley was great but I think The womens 4 x 200 was even better as we were not considered in with a chance. There are so many moments in the swimming.
Todays triathalon was good. even seeing Dara Torres of america at 41 swimming was inspirational. In gymnastics the girl who has the injured foot but competed to get Australia in for the team was special and last night the north Koreon winning the vault and the silver to the 5 times olympian.
If i must have one its the 4 x 200 girls relay.
Oh please enter me
ausjenny at gmail dot com

Theresa N. said...

I'm a home town girl so my favorite would be Reese Hoffa on the shotput.
Theresa N

Yan said...

It has to be Micheal Phelp's 8th gold medal. I was literally jumping up and down on that last lap by the American's.


Rebekah said...

This sounds like a great book. Going to have to add it to my list of "to find and read" books.

My favorite Olympic moment so far from Beijing would be when the two American girls took Silver and Gold on the floor gymnastics. I'm awful with names and don't religiously watch the Olympics, so I'm afraid I can't remember their names. They were so sweet though, and I felt awful for the one cause her mom wouldn't watch or even leave her phone on so that she could call her and tell her that she won. You only get that kind of opportunity once in your life, maybe twice if you're really lucky. I think was awful her mom let her fears and nervous get in the way of watching her daughter shine.

Anyhow, thanks for the review and for the opportunity to enter to win a copy of this amazing sounding book. :)

littleminx at cox dot net

Liviania said...

Rebekah - They are Nastia Lukin and Shawn Johnson.

The best moment for me was the 4X100m free, but there have been a number of great ones. My favorite events are still men's gymnastics.

This sounds like a wonderful novel.

bookworm said...

I really liked seeing Nastia Liukun win her gold medal with her coach/father watching. Having two gold medalists in the same family is truly amazing! Michael Phelps did an super job as well!

Carole said...

There are so many inspiring stores of the athletes in this year's Olympics, but I have followed Michael Phelps all the way and was thrilled, along with his mom, at his 8th win.

I really want to read Rachel's book, so thank you for the giveaway.

cjarvis [at] bellsouth [dot] net

Leola said...

I loved watching the aussie guys win the pairs rowing. They just looked so happy and excited...
thanks for another great review, and the opportunity to win the book.

Jen said...

I can't decide. Women's 4 x 100 medley was great and so was women's 4 x 200. Also seeing those who thought they would win and then not come in first, being gracious and congratulating the winner.I am enjoying watching all sorts of events and doing losts of yelling at my TV!!!!! Thanks Rel and Rachel

Ruby (Mouth) said...

I know I'm boring but it has to be when Phelps got his last gold medal. I was so happy for him i cried. Ain't I horrible?! LOL

Jewelz said...

My favourite part of the Olympics was watching Michael Phelps win his 8th gold!!!! My family and I are die-hard Aussies, but we were cheering for him as he went! It was SO cool.
Please enter me :)
joyfuljewelz (at)

Grateful Gramma said...

I'd love to win the book. I haven't watched a single moment of the Olympics. No, wait, as I was leaving a friend's house several days ago, the opening ceremony was on and I watched about two minutes of it. Not a sports fan.

ReadingRobin said...

Can I say two...The Opening Cermonies was off the chart!! Especially the boxes going up and down! Unreal! Of course Micheal winning the 8th Gold medal was awesome but I liked the race when he won medal number 7, winning by the length of a finger nail!! How awesome was that!

ad said...

Sounds like a good book.I have to say that I love watching all the swimming where the girls have done so welland not to mention Micheal Phelps.

jaana said...

The entire opening ceremony was totally mesmerizing. Please enter me in.

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