Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Sweet Caroline by Rachel Hauck

Tied to her small country town and her innate need to help others, Caroline Sweeney is finally on the brink of making a career choice that puts her own desires front and centre ~ a dream job in Barcelona, Spain. That is until the late Jones McDermott bequeaths her with the rundown Frogmore Cafe with a stipulation that Caroline keep the Cafe running or sell it to benefit charity.

Caroline's tender heart could no more turf the Frogmore's loyal employees and patrons out on their ear than she could poke a stick in her eye!

As Sheriff J. D Rand comes calling, Caroline soon finds other things to dream about than Barcelona but when Mitch O'Neal, the man who broke her young heart, returns from Nashville, more appealing than ever, Caroline must finally make a choice to follow her own destiny.

I love Rachel Hauck! Her stories overflow with humour, passion, delight and the beauty of faith. The writing beckons, engages and entreats the reader to walk with Caroline as she balances love and loyalty and searches her soul. The characterisation is supreme, from Caroline's giving heart, J D Rand's desire and Mitch's new found beliefs, each one complex and realistic. Rachel unashamedly, yet with subtlety and truth, reveals God's hand at work in unique and unexpected ways as Caroline struggles to believe in God and herself. Sweet Caroline has Rachel Hauck's stamp of integrity, depth and beauty and should not be missed.

As a bonus the reader is introduced to Elle from Rachel's next book, Love Starts with Elle ~ can't wait!

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