Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Coming in 2008 from Zondervan

Check out these fabulous Zondervan books for both cover art and content ~ can't wait! Click on the title and author links for more :)

Now and Always by Lori Copeland

Katie Addison’s big
heart shows in her caring deeds: opening her home to abused women. Rehabilitating injured horses. Helping Warren Tate mend his broken heart. It’s only Sheriff Ben O'Keefe who can’t seem to get Katie’s attention. When mysterious events turn Katie to Ben for help, is this the chance he’s been waiting for?

Publisher's Description:

Very few things distract Katie Addison when she’s on a mission, whether it’s opening her home to abused women, rehabilitating injured horses, or helping tall, gorgeous Warren Tate mend his broken heart. But when financial difficulties pile up for her, Katie hesitantly admits she herself may need help. Since his fiancĂ© left him, Warren is done with women—especially independent women, which he’d guess describes Katie Addison to a tee. Reluctantly he agrees to help Katie with her financial troubles. But when his budget doesn’t include Katie’s daily lattes, Warren realizes he may have a challenging client on his hands. Meanwhile, Sheriff Ben O'Keefe can’t seem to get Katie’s attention. Everyone in town knows he has had a longstanding crush on her. But to Katie, Ben is just Ben. When mysterious events turn Katie to him for help, is it the chance Ben has been waiting for?

Releasing June, 2008

Wagered Heart by Robin Lee Hatcher

Bethany Silverton can’t resist the challenge of charming a rough cowboy. But when she makes an innocent wager, unexpected results could turn a little flirtation into a lifetime of love. A sheltered preacher’s daughter stakes her heart on love in this action-filled romance in the
wild west of 1880s Montana.

Publisher's Description:

When Bethany Si
lverton left the genteel life of Miss Henderson’s School for Young Ladies back in Philadelphia for the raw frontier town of Sweetwater, Montana, she had no idea how much she would enjoy the freedom and danger of this wild country. A conservative preacher’s daughter, Bethany can’t resist the challenge of charming the most attractive cowboy in town into attending her father’s new church. She never dreamed that the cowboy would charm the lady. But Hawk Chandler isn’t the only man vying for Bethany’s affections. Ruthlessly ambitious Vince Richards thinks Bethany is perfect for him: attractive, gracious, just the woman to help him become governor. And he is determined to get what he wants at any cost. Drawn to one man, an obsession of another, Bethany’s quiet life is thrown into turmoil. She wagered her heart on love. Now she has gotten more than she bargained for—and the stakes are about to become life and death.

Releasing June, 2008

Conspiracy in Kiev by Noel Hynd

A shrewd investigator and an expert marksman, Special Agent Alexandra LaDuca can handle any case the FBI gives her. Or can she? Connecting the dots between an assassination attempt in Ukraine, a murder
in Paris, and a brutal attack on a remote village in South America takes Alex on a dangerous puzzle-solving, soul-searching journey that changes her forever.

Publisher's Description:

This action-packed thriller introduces Special Agent Alexandra LaDuca—she knows how to handle a gun, likes her skirts short, can turn heads, and can fight hand-to-hand or instep-to-jaw when necessary. Alex has risen to the top of her field by being aggressive, relentless, and thorough. She’s fluent in five languages, stubborn as a bulldog and not above a personal vendetta. But her innate sense of justice and the basic principles of her Christian upbringing have always been enough to help her face any challenge. Until now. Temporarily on loan to an enforcement agency of the Department of the Treasury, Alex is tapped to be an undercover agent during a visit to Kiev by the new U.S. President. Her assignment: to keep personal watch on Yuri Federov, the most charming and most notorious gangster in the region. Against her better judgment—and fighting a feeling that she’s being manipulated by someone—she leaves for Ukraine. But there are more parts to this dangerous mission than anyone suspects, and connecting the dots takes Alex across three continents and through some life-altering discoveries about herself, her work, her faith, and her future.

Releasing October, 2008


Deborah said...

i have my ARC of now and always :)

according to my Amazon buddies, it says tomorrow is your bday. by aussie time now it would be your bday already. so happy birthday!!!

(if i am way off please disregard until your actual bday)

Rel said...

Thanks, Deb :) Actually it is still the 12th here, almost 1pm so I have a number of hours left until I age ;-)

Now and Always looks good doesn't it!

Jenny said...

"Conspiracy in Kiev" looks really good!

Hope you have a wonderful birthday and that your family treats you like a queen, Rel! *hugs*

Deena said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Rel......
Happy Birthday to YOUUUUUUUUUU!!!!

Rel said...

Jenny & Deena :) Thank you so much! I've had a lovely start to the day with my family and now your birthday wishes!

Noel Hynd said...


Thanks for including my next book!

(Conspiracy in Kiev)

Best wishes,

Noel Hynd

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