Friday, 28 March 2008

The Duchess and the Dragon Trailer and Aussie Giveaway

Thanks again to B&H's generosity I have four copies of Jamie's riveting story to give away. Here are the conditions of entry:~

1. An Aussie postal address;

2. Post a comment by midnight Thursday 10th April; and

3. Give me your thoughts on book trailers ~ are they a good marketing tool, do you watch them, are you more inclined to buy a book having seen a good trailer, etc!


Anonymous said...

My computer must be too old to pick up the trailers properly because it keeps stopping and starting so can't say the trailer would inspire me to read Jamie's book. But I read the review and Jamie's interview which was great and as I love historical romance novels I think this will be a must read. Wendyb

Jen said...

Lost my first comment so will do it again!!!! I don't like book trailers, they just don't seem to go with books in my mind. They might be good as a marketing tool for those who aren't already into books but not for me. I only look at the ones on your blog Rel. I just love Jamie's covers for her books. They appeal to me, not book trailers.

Ausjenny said...

I do like book trailers its the reason i bought a few books and it also got one of my friends back into reading.
some are better than others.
i did like this one.
please enter me.

izitjo said...

The music in this one was inspiring in itself but I can't say book trailers have inspired me to buy too many books at this point.

Enter me for this one please.

jojo_777 (at)

Mary said...

I wish was an Aussie....this book looks great! I do like book trailers the music was great. I'm going to have to pick this one looks interesting

Fiona said...

I am not with the whole book trailer thing!!! Movies yes, but books??

So in answering your question, are they a good marketing tool...not for me, would I be inclined to buy a book because of, and do I watch them...only this one to see what it was.

Tracy said...

Would you pop me in the draw too please?

As for trailers. I almost never watch anything like that ~ it chews up too much valuable download space and I'd rather do other things. As it is, I'm on ADSL and it's taken around 5 minutes for that trailer further down the page to have not loaded yet and then you have to run it through twice so that it's fully buffered and runs without pausing all the time. Far too frustrating for this impatient gal.

I'm afraid trailers are a bit of dead loss for a marketing tool for me.

Rel said...

Enjoying your comments, everyone!

The download time is frustrating, I agree, Trac ;-\

Loved the music, too, Jo.

Sorry, Mary - postage is costly enough here otherwise I would love to enter you in the draw!

Jewelz said...

Normally, I don't really like book trailers, but this one I loved! I really want to read this book now!
Please enter me.
itsmyemail (at)

Rachel said...

i have to say that book trailers wouldnt really change whether i would want to read a book or not... i love reading and just by the cover of the book i want to read it anyway!
please enter me for this :-)

Naomi said...

I haven't ever really noticed book trailers before. I must say I found it a bit frustrating. It was just the cover shown over and over again. But that said I would like to win this book. I won his last one and really enjoyed it. LOL.

jaana said...

I'm undecided. I see the good points and the bad points in book trailers. They could be a good marketing tool for some and not for others. I've only watched the once on this site. I don't think I'd be more inclined to buying a book after having seen a good trailer, at least not any more than reading otherwise about the book. But I'd love to win this book! I loved snow angel.

turtle-1975 said...

I had never heard of a book trailer before this. I usually choose a book based on the cover or the back "blurb" or a friend's recommendation - or based on author alone. I tried to watch this trailer but it says the video is no longer available - maybe it's just my computer. This form of marketing might be effective for e-books but I prefer to actually have a flick through the book itself. Having said that, I do buy books sight unseen online so maybe I've just changed my mind. As I couldn't watch this one, I guess I'm not in a position to make an informed comment! Would still love to read it though!

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