Thursday, 27 March 2008

A Peek at The Sovereign's Daughter by Susan K Downs & Susan May Warren

When revolution threatens the lives of the royal Romanov family, Imperial Tsar Nikolai is forced to entrust critical state secrets to a lowly chambermaid and a backward Mennonite merchant. Anton Klassen must protect the woman the tsar has put into his care. But the insecure young man from the steppes of South Russia's Mennonite farmland is no match for enemy forces, who stop at nothing to seek out and destroy Anton's charge. . .and with her, the imperial secrets she carries. Only faith in the promises of God can save the sovereign's daughter and those responsible for her safekeeping.

My thoughts:~

Loved this book, originally released a number of years ago as Oksana. This is a fabulous series and well worth having on your shelf, starting with The Sovereign's Daughter. The Russian history is fascinating and the two Susans sure know how to write an enthralling and romantic tale!

Available now from Barbour.


Ausjenny said...

I just read this book this week. It is a great book and on my 10 reads of the year list.

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