Saturday, 1 March 2008

Taming Rafe By Susan May Warren & Blog Tour

You know when you want a book that is fun yet moving, romantic but not sappy, pure entertainment yet with a striking message? Taming Rafe is the book and Susan May Warren, the author!

Rafe Noble's high flying career as a champion bull rider looks to be over. Tragedy, anger and frustration have boiled over into disaster and Rafe is left with no choice but to skulk on back to the Noble ranch, run by the man who epitomises their surname, Rafe's big brother, Nick Noble.

Chasing down Rafe is Katherine Breckenridge, a woman born with a silver spoon yet a disturbing ability to fail at the one thing she should do best ~ fundraising for her mother's charity foundation. But this time, she has someone else to blame - the man who literally crashed her party - Rafe Noble.

Taming Rafe is Susie May Warren at her best! Rafe is completely engaging from his career flirting with danger to his vulnerable need to measure up in the eyes of his brother and sister and the hope of the man he could be if he lets go and lets God. Kat too, while beautiful and wealthy, exudes compassion, honest failings and a desire to do what's right. Rafe and Kat's journey is punctuated with snippets from a book written by a man, baring his heart to the woman he loves ~ a story within the story. From Susie's action packed descriptions of bull riding, beautiful scenery and unique characterisation, Taming Rafe is a ride worth hanging on for!

Some great blog tour extras:~

Susie's website (well worth a look!)

Taming Rafe's 1st Chapter (warning: you will be hooked!)

Buy the book (come on, you know you want to!)

Reclaiming Nick & Taming Rafe book trailers (lots of fun!)

A great contest from Susie :)

Finally, my review of Reclaiming Nick.


Susan said...

Thanks for sharing Rafe with your readers!

Susan May Warren *g*

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