Saturday, 29 March 2008

On the Loose by Jenny B. Jones ~ Chloe-Anne's take

Katie Parker is actually getting used to life as a normal teenager. She loves the new life her foster parents James and Millie have given her and everything that comes with it. But will it stay like this? Katie’s life is a complete rollercoaster, always has been and most likely always will. Nothing ever stays the same, there is always something new around the corner.

When a tornado blows the roof off Katie's foster grandmother's house, she shifts in with Katie's family but the only spare space is in Katie's room!! Things surely couldn’t get any worse…….but they do. Someone who Katie loves dearly gets diagnosed with cancer and Katie starts to wonder whether God really cares because if He did, in Katie's mind, none of these things would be happening.

During all of this Katie gets framed for stealing and everyone believes she did it but why would she? Katie’s life changed dramatically moving to this small town and she has no reason for stealing anything. Who would want to get her into trouble and why?

On the Loose is a fantastic sequel, that guarantees a good laugh. Before this series came out I had never heard of Jenny B. Jones, but after reading her books Inbetween and On the Loose, she is one of my favourite authors. I love Katie’s character! She is a down to earth normal teenager who struggles with some big issues. Although a lot of the problems that happen are everyday things that most teens struggle with, she is easy to relate to.

In most books, the main character is either already a Christian or becomes one within the first book in the series. In Inbetween and On the Loose, Katie doesn’t ignore God but she slowly becomes familiar with Him and learns that maybe He is in control. I like this because not all believers come to Christ in the blink of an eye, some take longer than others and this is a perfect example of it.

On the Loose is wonderfully written and I am sure that I will pick it up and read it again.

The final book in the Katie Parker series, The Big Picture releases from NavPress in April.

Guest reviewer:~ teen Chloe~Anne


Fiona said...

Great review, Chloe-Anne!!

Ausjenny said...

I have 2 teenage neices maybe this would be a series they would like
what age would you htink would like this book.
my neices are 13 and 16

Chloe-Anne =) said...

I think that both of your nieces would very much enjoy this series.

C.J. Darlington said...

I love this series, too! Jenny's done a terrific job of creating a funny, realistic character in Katie (and how about Maxine???). Fiona ... your nieces would definitely be the perfect age for this series. Katie is sixteen.

Ausjenny said...

Thanks Chloe-Anne and CJ.
when i receive it i will hand it on to them I think i will be come a favourite aunt for a bit

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