Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Sneak peek at Inside Story by Susan Page Davis

I really enjoyed Frasier Island and Finding Marie ~ Inside Story looks and sounds fantastic! Check it out:~

Following up on the adventures of men in uniform in Frasier Island and Finding Marie, Susan Page Davis offers readers another suspenseful novel of international diplomacy and romance.

Claudia Gillette, an upscale magazine correspondent, will go to any lengths for a good story. Bill White, a navy lieutenant, performs secret missions all over the world. Attraction sizzles between them, but these two can’t synchronize their globe–trotting watches long enough for a date. Claudia also has more than romance in mind...she wants the inside story on Bill’s exotic assignments.

When she goes over his head and obtains permission to join his outfit on a sensitive mission in the Philippines, Bill is both angry and afraid for her. Will her presence endanger his team? When things go badly, only faith in God can give them hope for tomorrow...but even if they both make it, what’s the inside scoop on Bill and Claudia having a future together?

Releasing January, 2009 from Harvest House

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Jen said...

Looking forward to this one coming out.

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