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Character Spotlight ~ Tamara Leigh's Maggie Pickwick & Reece Thorpe

Maggie Pickwick & Reece Thorpe

I adore Tamara Leigh and her books! Nowhere, Carolina is the second book in her delightful Southern Discomfort series and tells the story of Maggie Pickwick, a single mum determined to atone for her past mistakes, including one Reece Thorpe!

Over to you, Tammy:~

Brief physical description

Maggie Pickwick is the 5’11” 31-year-old heroine of my new novel, Nowhere,Carolina. This gavel-pounding auctioneer has long, fiery red hair and blue eyes, is of medium build, and is well endowed. A real looker.

As for the man who captures her heart, that would be the enigmatic Reece Thorpe. My 31-year-old hero has careless black hair that exerts its will over him, brushing his brow, ears, and the collar of his shirt any which way it cares to. And then there are his dark green eyes with thick, short lashes. And mustn't forget his toothpick-chewing habit--it is part of his look, after all.

Actor/famous person

Who, oh who, comes to mind for Maggie Pickwick? That would be Julianna Margulies. Their eye color may not match and Julianna's hair leans more toward dark brown, but the intensity of her looks matches my vision of Maggie.

As for Reece, I hate to be cliche, but Dylan McDermott fits the bill quite nicely, thank you. Need I say more?

Strengths and weaknesses

Maggie’s strength lies in her determination to make the best possible life for her daughter, Devyn. Unfortunately, this sometimes leads to lies of omission that...well, you'll see.

Reece's greatest strength is his faith, though it does teeter when he learns what Maggie is up to.

Quirk (if any)

The most noticeable quirk belongs to Reece who, as mentioned earlier, has a toothpick chewing habit (having graduated from pencils).

Maggie's quirk is less noticeable in that she is obsessed with improving her vocabulary in order to be taken more seriously than she was as a high school cheerleader. Armed with her Daily Word Calendar for Highly Successful Career Women, she is always looking for ways to incorporate words like amalgamate, deleterious, and legerdermain into her conversations.

Your inspiration for the character

I'm not exactly sure where Maggie sprang from. In the first book, I need

ed a nemesis for her cousin, Piper, and there was Maggie. Maggie who would have a long road to travel from spoiled cheerleader to responsible single mother.

Background to the story

Maggie Pickwick is a lifetime away from her days as head cheerleader and the mistakes she made in highschool. Twelve years later, this single mom has traded pompoms for an auctioneer's gavel, popularity for peace and quiet, and strives to be a good example for her daughter, Devyn. She's keeping it together just fine, too--until an old flame moves back to her little North Carolina town.

Renowned artist Reece Thorpe wants nothing to do with Maggie--not after what she did in high school--but he might also be Devyn's father. Fed by her own pride and fear for her daughter's happiness, Maggie finds herself on a slippery slope of white lies as she attempts to convince Reece that she's changed. But the truth has a way of making itself known, and now Maggie's past and present mistakes could ruin her chance at love.

Thanks so much, Tammy ~ I always love having you visit. Excited about Bridget's story!

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Sara said...

Sounds like a cute book! I'm going to have to look into reading the first one and then this one. Nice character spotlight!

Ausjenny said...

sounds like another good book.

Tamara Leigh said...

Hi Rel! Thank you for the lovely spotlight. I'm so excited about Maggie's story.

Cynthia said...

Hi Rel! I'm a long-time reader (and lurker) of your website, but have never left any comments until now. I love Tamara's stories, so thanks so much for these character spotlights! ;)

Rel said...

It's a great book, Sara and Jenny :)

Hey Tammy - thanks for dropping by. Readers are going to love Maggie's story.

Merry said...

I love auctions, what a fun occupation for a female character!

Rel said...

Cynthia - hey, your comment has now appeared! Thanks for dropping by.

Merry - yes, it is something out of the ordinary :)

Juju at Tales of said...

O I love the actor picks :)

Michelle V said...

I'm a big fan of Tamara's books and I loved Leaving Carolina!!

Jenny said...

I really enjoyed the spotlight, ladies...and it's making me want to read the book all the more. :)

CherryBlossomMJ said...

I just posted my review and I linked to your posts!

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