Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Coming soon from Summerside Press

Summerside Press has made a real splash with the release of their romantic suspense line with Sons of Thunder by Susan May Warren and Songbird Under A German Moon by Tricia Goyer. I'm looking forward to the quality writing continuing with these July releases.

So much historical fiction is set in the 19th Century ~ I'm really enjoying the recent releases of 20th Century historical novels set in both World Wars.

How about you?

Stars in the Night by Cara Putman

During World War II, attorney Audra Schaeffer travels with the Hollywood Victory Caravan---but she's more interested in finding her sister's killer than selling war bonds. Then two people are found dead on the train, including star Robert Garfield's ex-wife.

Are the deaths related to her sister's?

Could the murderer be the man Audra loves?

Releasing July, 2010

The Crimson Cipher by Susan Page Davis

The year is 1915---and navy cryptographer Emma Shuster is determined to defend the U.S. against acts of German sabotage! Using the expertise she gained by helping her late father develop a cipher system, she teams up with Lt. John Patterson.

But can they outwit the cunning adversary known only as "Kobold"---German for "goblin"?

Releasing July, 2010


Amy @ My Friend Amy said...

lovely covers! (though I think I've seen that stock image on the first one before)

Aaron McCarver said...

I had the privilege of editing "The Crimson Cipher" and it is a wonderful read with a lot of interesting info about how they solved codes at that time.

Rel said...

Wow - covers you like, Amy ;-)

Hey Aaron - thanks for dropping by. Looking forward to reading them both.

Nicole said...

I don't read historicals, but the cover of The Crimson Cipher is stunning.

Ronie Kendig said...

These covers are gorgeous! And the stories sound great.

Cara Putman said...

Thanks for posting! I love the cover for Stars in the Night. Hope you enjoy the story!

Jenny B. Jones said...

Isn't Cara's cover beautiful? One of the best I've seen in EVER. I just love it.

Rel said...

Well, aren't I feeling privileged today with visits from such delightful company :)

Thanks for dropping by Nicole, Ronie, Cara & Jenny :)

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