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Character Spotlight ~ Maggie Brendan's April McBride & Wes Owen

Wes Owen & April McBride
Maggie Brendan's Heart of the West series have delighted readers of historical fiction. Rich in characters and historical details with tender romance, if you are looking to add to your collection, Maggie's stories are just right! The third novel, A Love Her Own reintroduces April McBride from No Place for a Lady ~ let's see if she has changed!!

Over to you, Maggie:~

Brief physical description

Wes Owen is tall and lanky, but hard-bodied with hazel eyes and sandy blond hair. He only wears the best of hand-tooled leather boots and belt.

April McBride is a tall, willowy blonde with large blue eyes. She has fine bone structure. She prefers britches and boots to dresses.

Actor/famous person

April could be play by Yvonne Strahovski.

Wes could be played by Keith Urban.

Strengths and weaknesses

April’s strength-Superior horsewoman, intelligent, well-bred.

Her weakness-spoiled and self-centered and has a beautiful exterior but flawed inner character.

Quirk (if any)

Wes-tries to be witty to get the ladies attention. He enjoys cooking. He hates to shave or get haircuts. He’d rather be horse training.

April-doesn’t care about the details of life. She’s used to having things done for her. Likes to give orders instead of take them.

Your inspiration for the character

In the first book, No Place for a Lady, April is a secondary character. The kind of character you love to hate, so I had to redeem her. I wanted to portray how love based on grace plays no favorites. In other words, the more flawed one is, the greater that person’s need and potential for love. My character has relied on her father’s money, her beauty and intelligence but has never tapped into the true source of a higher power.

Background to the story

It’s here, in Lewiston, Montana, where April McBride travels to attend her brother’s wedding. Still cautious after a broken engagement, she fully intends to guard her heart. One look around the small mining town convinces April that doing so won't be difficult—just a bunch of dusty shops, bad service, and ill-bred cowboys. But a run-in with horse trainer Wes Owen opens up vast possibilities for frustration, embarrassment, friendship, and . . . love?

Can April and Wes see past their differences to envision a future together? Or are they destined to live the rest of their lives alone?

Thank you so much for another great insight into your characters, Maggie. Hope you have more stories to come soon!

On Thursday, the spotlight shines on Lisa Tawn Bergren's Moira St. Claire from her latest historical fiction, Sing and her brother, Dominic St. Claire from the soon to be released, Claim.

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