Thursday, 26 November 2009

Character Spotlight ~ Maggie Brendan's Josh McBride & Juliana Brady

Today the spotlight shines on Josh McBride & Juliana Brady

Maggie Brendan's second Heart of the West novel delves into the life of a sheepherder in Montana, and the young woman who catches his eye. It was interesting to read about sheep rather than cattle for a change! I hope you enjoy this look behind the scenes of this story. Over to you, Maggie:~

Brief physical description

Josh McBride is a sheepherder with a muscular build about 5' 9”. He has nice warm eyes the shade of amber with a smooth baritone voice.

Juliana Brady is a slender, young lady with long brown curly hair. She has enormous blue eyes that Josh compares to the Yogo sapphires.

I think Dale MidKiff is perfect for Josh and Zooey Deschanel is just right for Juliana.

Strengths and weaknesses

Josh has strong faith in God but lack self-esteem when it comes to Juliana and thinks he's too old for her. He struggles with trying to make it without his cattle baron father's help in sheepherding.

Juliana's has a self-determination that's strong in her ability to make it on her own, but doesn't trust men because of her past experience.

Your inspiration for the character

My inspiration for Josh came to me after travelling to Montana and reading about the Yogo sapphires. I modelled him after the sheepherder that really discovered the gems on his property.

Juliana was purely a figment of my imagination although I wanted her to have the cornflower blue eyes like the Yogo stones.

Background to the story

My story is set in 1890's Montana. Juliana is drawn to the amber eyes of a sheepherder she sees in a sketch. Once they meet, sparks fly when he considers mining for sapphires for a living. Mining lured her own father from his family.

Both of them must make a choice for their future--the riches of the world or the eternal value of love.

Thanks Maggie, for again sharing about your characters - much appreciated!

Tune in on Monday for a spotlight on Sandra D Bricker's Cassie Constantine & Richard Dillon, from Love Finds You in Holiday, Florida ~ watch out for the pink flamingos!

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Jenny said...

Haven't read this one yet, but love your comment about finding it interesting to read about sheep. :)

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