Monday, 30 November 2009

Character Spotlight ~ Sandra D Bricker's Cassie & Richard

Today the spotlight shines on.......................Cassie Constantine & Richard Dillon

Sandra D Bricker has been writing for years and has eleven novels to her credit. Her latest novel, for Summerside's Love Find You series takes the reader to Holiday, Florida for an unusual and fun take on a mature love match!

Enjoy this look behind the scenes:~

Brief physical description

Cassie and Richard are 50-somethings, both of whom have been married to someone else and widowed.

Cassie is somewhat petite and very perky for her age, apple-cheeked and pretty and Richard is an avid Florida golfer, so he's suntanned and poised.

If I was casting the film, I'd put Sally Field in the role of Cassie, and Dennis Quaid as Richard.

Strengths and weaknesses

Cassie is stronger than she gives herself credit for being. She is extremely opinionated, but m
ust often face up to the fact that she deeply believes something that isn't accurate.

Richard is on the over-organized side of life. He likes things a certain way, everything in its place, and he becomes a little disoriented when life gets messy.

Quirk (if any)

"Quirky" is this book's middle name! From the wacky neighbors to Cassie's crazy dog, the whole town of Holiday is as unusual a place as you're going to find.

Your inspiration for the character

When the publisher asked me to write something set in Holiday, Florida, I was a
little disappointed when I went there for some inspiration. It's small and somewhat rural, lots of small houses set around a web of canals that lead out to the Gulf of Mexico. But in one second, my inspiration found me as I turned the corner had to pump the brakes because two elderly women in neon spandex with fanny-packs were power-walking right down the middle of the street. While I waited, I turned and saw two hysterical plastic flamingo lawn ornaments in a nearby yard. That was what I needed! I knew I had to write Holiday on a slant; not your typical setting for a romance novel!

Background to the story

The thing I love about this story is that Cassie and Richard appear to be such completely different people on the surface but, as the reader gets to know them, their similarities begin to shine. The two of them grow together in such a unique way out of a place where both of them were sort of lost "fish out of water" in the beginning.

Thanks Sandra ~ this story sounds like a lot of fun!

Come back Thursday for a spotlight from Robert Liparulo's bad guy from the Dreamhouse Kings series, Taksidian in his own words!

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Jenny said...

Quite an interesting inspiration for the story...LOL! I'm a fan of quirky so I'll have to check this one out. :)

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