Sunday, 15 November 2009

Coming soon from John Aubrey Anderson and Fidelis Books

I am so thrilled that John Aubrey Anderson has a book releasing next year from Fidelis Books, an imprint of B&H Publishing and I think it looks fantastic.

Be sure to check it out and his three gripping previous novels at Amazon, and add it to you wish list!

The Cool Woman by John Aubrey Anderson

At some point, most boys think they want to grow up to be pilots. With this kid, it was different . . . he knew.

The orphaned son of a Tuskegee Airman, Bill Mann was a staid, single, and sober lieutenant when he reported to Williams Air Force Base, Arizona; he was there to begin living the life he had been planning since he was six years old. After fifty-four weeks of pilot training, he would earn his wings. Three months after that, he’d be fully qualified in the fighter aircraft of his choice and on his way to the war in Viet Nam. Lt. Mann was planning to amass a combat record that would propel him toward the general officer ranks. That was June of 1970.

May of 1972 finds Mann in Bangkok, passed out on the floor of his hotel bathroom. The gifted young fighter pilot is fighting wars within a war . . . he's a borderline alcoholic, his wife of ten months is divorcing him, and he’s short days away from learning . . .There are worse things than dying.

Releasing July, 2010


CeeCee said...

I wondered what he was up to.

Jenny said...

Love the cover of this book...and the story sounds great too. :)

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