Thursday, 12 November 2009

Coming in 2010 from Gary E. Parker and Revell

I haven't read any of Gary's books but this one coming from Revell has caught my eye!

I must admit that his protag's name, Rick Carson, is very similar to another playboy character ~ Rick Castle from the show, Castle - love it!

The Constantine Conspiracy by Gary E. Parker

Nationally known and sought-after playboy Rick Carson stumbles onto a murder--and finds himself the prime suspect. Innocent people don't run, but Rick finds that his life depends on it. Closing in behind him is a park ranger who is more than she seems. And what starts as a simple crime begins to look like part of something much bigger--and much more sinister. Even Rick's powerful family is implicated. In a place where no one is who they say they are and danger lurks around every corner, who can Rick trust? Will he risk his fortune, his love, and possibly his life to expose the truth?

Exciting plot twists and nail-biting chases make this suspense novel a must-read. Readers will be swept up in this thrilling tale of international intrigue, conspiracy, and the power of truth.

Releasing August, 2010


CherryBlossomMJ said...

Award for you!

And once again you go adding things to my TBR list!!

CeeCee said...

I can't wait to Castle comes on Netflix. It's your fault I'm a huge Bones fan.

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