Thursday, 12 November 2009

Character Spotlight ~ Kimberly Stuart's Mia Rathbun

Today the spotlight shines on..........................Mia Rathbun

Love books with humour and bite?! Be sure to check out Kimberly Stuart's offerings. I have only read Stretch Marks but have it on good authority that her other books are just as fun and fabulous :)

Enjoy - over to you, Kimberly:~

Brief physical description

Medium height, cute and curvy build, shoulder-length curly (at times unruly) light brown hair. Nice smile, bright eyes, furrowed brow, particularly when pondering her carbon footprint and the influence of conservative talk radio.

Note: Mia experiences WILD weight fluctuations between the front and back covers. This part of character development endured many, many hours (months, even) of research on the part of the author, so please be appropriately appreciative.

Actor/famous person

I'll just let you guess which one is Mia and which one is her misguided boyfriend, Lars.

Actually, that would be a bit dressy for Mia, who does own her fair share of natural fabrics and hemp necklaces. She'd look more like this:

…only without the skates and orange cones. I've never seen Mia skating between orange cones.

Strengths and weaknesses

Mia works hard and has every intention to save the world, or at least her world. She's also loyal and earnest and proficient at Downward Dog.

She's not such a quick judge of character. She tends to hold grudges. And she does not treat herself as well as she should, particularly in the area of relationships with mooch-men (my word, not hers).

Your inspiration for the character

My inspiration for Mia came alongside the inspiration for Babs, her mother. I loved imagining how a granola-crunching, urban dwelling PETA member would react to having a straight-ticket Republican, beef consuming, cruise ship hostess for a mom. It still makes me giggle to think about it and the book's done!

Background to the story

I lived in Chicago for a spell and wanted to write a story that took place there. Mia and Babs came to me in one fell swoop and I had SUCH a great time hashing out their relationship for them. Add in a tasty but worthless boyfriend and a Persian grocer, and Stretch Marks was well on its way to being a modern, urban romance of sorts, with a healthy helping of family drama thrown in.

Love it, Kimberly - thanks for sharing :) I'll be checking out your backlist!

On Monday, the spotlight shines on Linda Clare's Muri Pond from The Fence My Father Built.

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Tracy said...

This is one book I've been drooling over....It will stay on my wish list until I finally get to it!

Jenny said...

I've enjoyed a couple of Kimberly's other books, and hope to get to this one soon. (And I can totally relate to the weight fluctuation issues. LOL!)

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