Thursday, 27 May 2010

Character Spotlight ~ Lisa Tawn Bergren's Moira from Sing and Nic from Claim

Moira & Nic St Claire

Lisa T. Bergren is one talented writer! Over the years she has written romantic suspense, supernatural tales, women's fiction, children's books and soon a foray into YA! Her current Homeward Trilogy is an historical series about the St Claire siblings, Odessa, Moira & Dominic.

Enjoy this peek into what makes Moira and Nic unique:~

Brief physical description

Moira: blond, blue-eyed, “model Southern Californian” (or “model Sydney citizen”!)

Nic: broad-shouldered, pugilist, tough as nails, handsome with dark hair and square jaw

Actor/famous person

Moira: Tara Reid

Nic: Tom Cruise

Strengths and weaknesses

Moira: gifted singer, optimist (strength); headstrong, pride (weakness)

Nic: physical strength, loyal (strength); defiant, anger (weakness)

Your inspiration for the character

For both Moira and Nic, I wanted to portray people on a prodigal path. I had no one specific in mind—just bits and pieces of others’ stories that worked for them.

Background to the story

Moira and Nic have travelled with their sister, Odessa, to Colorado, in order to chase the cure for her consumption. Once she’s on a path toward healing (BREATHE), and after their father’s death, they feel free to pursue their own dreams and goals—which are far from what their father wanted for them. In SING, all three siblings encounter massive trauma, forcing them to consider their faith foundations, and where “home” truly is.

The theme for SING: Finding your way to praise God, even in the face of difficult circumstances

The theme for CLAIM: Acknowledging that no matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done, God’s grace always covers us and calls us home.

Lisa ~ appreciate your time sharing about Moira and Nic. I have just finised Sing and enjoyed it thoroughly and am looking forward to reading Nic's story in Claim.

On Monday the spotlight shines on Bryn Hennesey and Garrett Edmonds from Deborah Raney's Almost Forever, the first of her Hanover Falls series.

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Scrappy quilter said...

I love her books. I'm can't wait to read Claim.

Unknown said...

I love your reviews...we're reading the same stuff! I'm reading Almost Forever right now and loving it. I'm in the middle of Enemies Among Us...I gave it to my son to read while he was detention! Just got it back. Glad to report he's out of detention.

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