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Character Spotlight ~ Lisa Harris' Paige Ryan & Nick Gilbert

Paige & Nick

Lisa Harris is back with her second suspense novel set in Africa, this time in a refugee camp. Be sure to get your hands on a copy and enjoy this insight into her doctor and pilot.

Over to you, Lisa:~

Brief physical description

Dr. Paige Ryan has straight, shoulder length dark brown hair and gray/blue eyes. She's slender and strong. Think of Angelina Jolie with a bit softer, more innocent look.

My pilot, Nick Gilbert, has dark brown hair that he wears short, often with a baseball cap. He's tanned and muscular, former military. Think of Matthew Fox.

Strengths and weaknesses

Paige is extremely goal oriented, focused, and intense. These can be strengths, but it becomes hard when you are in a situation you can’t control.

Nick is laid back, but able to react quickly to situations. One of his weaknesses comes from guilt he holds over a deadly situation in his past he wasn’t able to stop.

Quirk (if any)

Paige likes to make lists and has made one for a hundred things she wants to do before she dies including eating sushi in Japan, learning to play the piano, and making soap.

Your inspiration for the character

I wanted real characters that readers could relate to in some way, not just super heroes going in to save the day. Because of that, I suppose, Paige is a lot like me. In the beginning, she felt too small to do what God was calling her to do, which I can certainly relate to at times. In the end, though, she realizes that it is through our weaknesses that we can be made strong because of Christ’s power.

Background to the story

When I started writing the series, I wanted each book to be an adventure set against the backdrop of current issues that are facing the continent of Africa. Blood Covenant follows this pattern and takes place primarily in a refugee camp where hundreds of people have recently fled due to political upheaval in the country.

After spending the last three months serving with Volunteers for Hope International, my heroine, Dr. Paige Ryan, is ready to head home when she is called in to help deal with the humanitarian crisis and lead an emergency medical team. While she expected to have to face the challenging situation head-on, she didn’t expect that her own life would be completely changed in the process.

Always a pleasure to have you visit, Lisa! Thanks for sharing.

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Lisa Harris said...

Love seeing Paige and Nick this way. How fun! Thanks!

nolene said...

I really enjoyed Blood Ransom, so I will look out for this one. Thanks Rel!

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