Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Tea for Two by Trish Perry

Milly's Tea Shop offers the perfect environment for counsellor Tina Milano to run her group sessions with women...and to check out the "hot produce man" nicknamed by her group, who delivers fresh fruit and vegetables for Milly's delectable cakes and savouries.

Unaware of his new nickname, Zack Cooper, is bewildered and frustrated by the behaviour of his teenage son and daughter but intrigued by the first pull of attraction he has felt in years. Parenting solo since his wife's desertion, Zack believes he is managing okay until his son rings from the police station and his daughter deceives him.

At Milly's urging, Zack teams up with Tina in an effort to save his teens from further self-destruction yet keeping their relationship professional soon becomes a difficulty neither Zack or Tina envisaged.

The second installment in Trish Perry's Tea Shop series, following on from The Perfect Blend, Tea for Two is an endearing and delightful contemporary romance, with two relationship shy people brought together by circumstance and the nudging of friends. Amidst Milly's sweet treats, tender attraction and the antics of Tina's therapy group, Trish beefs up her tale with the trials and challenges of parenting teens, coping with divorce and death and the fear of risking it all over again. Zack is a great character, with fears and weaknesses alongside his finer qualities. Tina's back story adds depth to her character and explains her difficulties in moving on, despite the wisdom she offers others as a counsellor. Add in a couple of feisty teens in Dylan and Sherry, Tina's good friend Edie, an opinionated support group and a cop out for revenge and you have a recipe for humour, conflict, angst and desire. So pour your favourite cuppa and sit down to an engaging story any lover of sweet romance will devour with ease.

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Renee (SteelerGirl83) said...

I loved the first one so I'm REALLY looking forward to this one! :-)

XOXO~ Renee

Trish Perry said...

What a lovely review, Rel! I appreciate that.

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