Monday, 28 March 2011

Character Spotlight ~ Rachel Hauck's Joy Ballard & Luke Redmond

Joy & Luke

Rachel books are always terrific reading so get your hands on any that you can! Enjoy this look behind the scenes of her latest, Dining with Joy.

Over to you, Rachel:~

Brief physical description

Joy is athletic, on the tall side, long auburn hair. Hazel eyes.

Actor/famous person

Mia Hamm, the American soccer player

Strengths and weaknesses

Joy ~ Ability to win people over. She confident so she gives others confidence.

She is too giving. Too trusting. And she can't cook.

Luke’s strength is his ability to over come. He dropped out of high school but made something of himself in the NY kitchens.

His weakness is his reading difficulties. His lack of education which cripple his confidence.

Joy is his weakness. :)

Your inspiration for the character

Joy is a little bit of every women. The one who does the job because it needs to be done. The one who wants a little bit of something for herself, her fifteen minutes of fame. The woman who feels trapped in a job she’s not qualified for but is in the flow of it and can’t find a way out. Money, time and other commitments hold her feet to the fire.

But her courage and winning spirit was inspired by University of Alabama softball player, Kelsi Dunn.

Luke, the hero, is like the man we all want to know and love. He’s a good guy. The strong, silent type but discerning and intuitive.

He’s a rancher turned chef. I mean, really, how cool.

Background to the story

Joy Ballard is a cooking show host who can’t cook. She took the show over for her dying father and desperate producer.

She’s good in front of the camera but deep seated resentment toward her father keeps her from learning to love food.

Luke Redman learned to cook after his mother died. He made her lasagne recipe and watched his dad smile and laugh for the first time since his mom’s funeral. He learned the power of food and fellowship.

When his Manhattan restaurant fails, he finds himself in the lowcountry of South Carolina to regroup.

Joy’s show is sold and the new producer loves the chemistry between Joy and Luke, She pairs them to create an exciting format for the new network.

They have no plans to fall in love. But God has other things in mind.

Lovely to have you visit, Rach, as always :)

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Joy Tamsin David said...

Fun! I'm mentally pairing Mia Hamm with Bradley Cooper. :)

Rachel Hauck said...

Yeah, Jot, loved Bradly Cooper as Luke!

Rel, I found a typo-mine of course- oy! Instead of strong silent "type," in wrote strong silent "time." Ha!

Thanks for having me, Rel. I always love visiting you!

Blessings! Rachel

Rel said...

Good choice, Joy!

Rach - all fixed. I read it through and missed it too!

Julia said...

This was a fun read. Thanks for spotlighting the characters, Rel and Rachel. Mia Hamm is quite close to what I pictured for the main character. I find it so interesting to hear who writers chose.

Diane Marie Shaw said...

I love that you said Luke's weakness is Joy. What woman wouldn't want that. Ahh, romance.

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