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Character Spotlight ~ Melody Carlson's Four Lindas

The Four Lindas

Melody Carlson is back with her Four Lindas series ~ a unique series with the stars of the tales all women in their 50s! Be sure to check out each of these appealing stories.

Over to you, Melody:~

Brief physic
al description

The Four Lindas are four uniquely different women in their fifties. But unlike the previous generation, these women feel more like the “new forties.” Janie (an attorney who’s moved her New York practice to Oregon) is a tall thin redhead with classic features. Meanwhile Abby (a homemaker turned inn owner) has sandy colored hair, carries a few extra pounds, and a warm smile. Marlie (an artist who’s reinventing her career) is a short brown-eyed brunette and likes to dress in a Bohemian style. Caroline is the “glamour girl” who left Hollywood and a disappointing acting career behind.

Actor/famous person

Okay this pic of the old cast of 30-something is probably more like the Lindas a few years ago. But they are an attractive group of women who appreciate friendship and fun!

Strengths and weaknesses

Empty-nester Abby is kindhearted, hospitable, generous…almost to a fault because she sometimes neglects herself as well as her fledgling bed and breakfast. Also, she focuses more on her husband’s health issues than her own.

Janie is an educated, intelligent, driven attorney learning how to operate in the slow lane. Despite her sleek appearance, she still struggles with identity issues which confront her in her hometown as she tries to figure out a romantic relationship with Victor.

Marley, is a talented artist with a sensitive spirit. Still recovering from a bad marriage, she too is navigating a relationship with a man, while attempting to balance her newfound creative career.

Caroline is an optimist and survivor. But her faded dreams of fame are behind her as she tries to figure out how to best care for her Alzheimer’s stricken mother.

Quirk (if any)

These women, despite their differences and the years and miles that stretched between them for decades, manage to form a bond of friendship that is to be admired. They show us how important women friends are at this stage of life.

Your inspiration for the characters

At a high school reunion where I totally enjoyed my old friends, I couldn’t believe how easily it was to just pick up where we left off. So many things happen to us in adolescence that stay with us forever. So many memories that have contributed to who we are today. It’s a delight to know that ‘you can still go home.’

Background to the story

I thought what if I created a story setting with a fictional club of girls—all with the same first name—let them grow up together then all go their separate ways, but reunite them as 50-something women? Ironically, as I worked on the books I realized there are some striking similarities between 50 and 15. Not to even mention hormones! But both generations often find themselves embarking on a new stage of life; discovering things about themselves; finding out where they fit in this ever-changing world. Thus began The Four Lindas, a series of four books about four women who readers tell me feel like “art imitating life.” I take that as a high compliment. I know I’ve loved writing about the Lindas!

Thanks Melody ~ so appreciate you sharing again about the Lindas :)

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