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Character Spotlight ~ Rachel Hauck's Belle Jamison & Burke Benning

Belle & Burke

Rachel Hauck's ebook, This Time, was one of her first novels and is a sweet romance readers will love. Hope you enjoy this insight into her characters.

Over to you, Rachel:~

Brief physical description

Belle: All America, wholesome, one who carries the wind of the plains in her soul.

Burke: The male Belle! Athletic with kind eyes and tender soul.

Actor/famous person

Amy Adams for Belle and Tom Brady for Burke

Strengths and weaknesses

Belle: Her strength is loyalty. She’s loyal to her father, her friends and her ranch. But it’s also her weakness. She’s loyal to a love that abandoned her twelve years ago.

Burke: His strength is his ability to change. His weakness is being so good at everything!

Your inspiration for the character

Belle and Burke were two people who live somewhere in my soul. This Time was one of my first books and I think when an author starts out, she’s really writing the larger pieces of herself.

d to the story

My husband was helping to coach high school football and one Friday after work, I went to one of the games. It was just turning fall and even though I live in Florida where seasons don’t vary much, I became nostalgic about my childhood in Oklahoma.

The genesis of this story began!

Thanks Rach for sharing about two of your earliest characters :)

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Rachel Hauck said...

Love this! You do such an amazing job on these Spotlights!!

Thanks so much!!


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