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Character Spotlight ~ Darlene Franklin's Judson Morgan & Wande Fleischer with giveaways

Character Spotlight ~
Jud & Wande

Darlene Franklin's Lone Star Trail is the first book in the six book Morgan Family series with two books to be written by each of Darlene, Susan Page Davis and Vicki McDonough.  

Over to you, Darlene:~

Brief physical description

My hero, Judson “Jud” Morgan

Actor/famous person

The cover is a pretty good image for Jud!

Credit: zandura577
Strengths and weaknesses

Jud took over running the family ranch, the Running M horse ranch, when his father died, even though he was only 17. He has provided for his family, and takes his responsibilities seriously. Unfortunately, he has a big chip on his shoulder against anyone who’s taking over “his” Texas—including the wave of German immigrants, who want to establish a “New Germany.”

Your inspiration for the character

I wanted to create tension in the story—so I needed a hero with a reason to dislike the German immigrants. Jud came to life as I pictured a man, proud of his Texas heritage, protective of his family and his country, who resents the constant stream of newcomers. Of course, then I had to work twice as hard to also make him likeable and not just a bigot!

Background to the story

Texas declared its independence from Mexico in 1835. Ten years passed before the Republic of Texas joined the United States. At the time of Lone Star Trail, Prince Carl von Braunfels had created the Adelsverein, encouraging Germans to emigrate to Texas and to take advantage of land being given to anyone willing to settle in more remote areas. Texas is joining the Union, and within months the United States is embroiled in a war with Mexico. Diphtheria and cholera swept through the Gulf Coast, killing thousands. It was a difficult and challenging time to make a home in Texas.


Brief physical description

My heroine, Wande Fleischer, is the picture of Aryan beauty, naturally blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skinned.

Credit: Good Wallpapers
Actor/famous person

Piper Perabo

I would have liked to pull an image from the trailer but didn’t have any luck figuring out how to get a “still.” So Piper will have to do.

Strengths and weaknesses

Wande has a tendency to let her pride get in the way of doing what is best. She almost lets that pride stand between her and joining the Chorale Society, and also of accepting a job at the Running M Ranch.

Wande is also sweet and the first to offer to help if someone has been hurt. As the oldest, she is her mother’s strongest support.

Your inspiration for the character

I wanted Wande to be a little na├»ve, but with an adventuresome spirit: her name means “wanderer.” She did not want to come to Texas, but she had no say in the family’s decision. Her attitude changes once she arrives in the new world, deciding instead to make the best of Texas. Germany is now her past.

Background to the story

In Germany, the Fleischers were part of a land-poor servant class. Land was divided equally among the children, until no one had enough land to make a living. Texas was portrayed as a land flowing with milk and honey and compared to the homes they left behind, it was.

Thanks Darlene ~ this should be a great series for historical romance readers to enjoy!

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Jenny said...

I am from German heritage and didn't realize that Texas has a history that involves settlement by German immigrants.

Thanks for sharing...I learned something new today!

Thanks also to W-W Media for the chance to win. =)

Rel said...

Jenny - this one is getting a lot of positive airplay :) I'm looking forward to reading it.

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