Monday, 12 September 2011

Lessman Hero tally & winners......


Composing Amelia ~ Catia

Julie Lessman book of choice ~ Ann LM

Congratulations and enjoy your book :)

And for those keeping count on those Lessman heroes, here's how the final count turned out:

Luke "Cluny" ~ 30
Collin ~ 26
Mitch ~ 15
Brady ~ 13
Sean ~ 7
Patrick ~ 4
Undecided ~ 20

What did you think of the results?


Julie Lessman said...

SUPER CONGRATS, ANN!!! Before I send you the book, darlin', you are required to send me a lottery ticket, okay?? What, is this your fifth or sixth win, girlfriend???

YAY, LUKE!!! As everyone knows, he and Mitch are my favs, so I'm glad to see him do well. The thing about Luke is I loved him as a knee-high, sunken-chest little boy whose confidence was way taller than him ... and I loved the man he grew in to with the help of John Brady. For me, Luke is everything a hero should be, although to be honest, I love ALL my heroes. But then I'm a wee bit prejudice, I suppose. :)

Thanks, Rel, for one of the most fun interviews I've ever had -- you are a blessing to know, my friend!


Lady DragonKeeper said...

Hmm, my top two were the top two. =P Maybe since so many people were "undecided" on their favorite Lessman hero, maybe you could do a vote based on how you rank them. e.g. "Number this list of Lessman heroes from 1-7, with one being your most favorite." 'Cause if they were "undecided" I'd bet it was because they had more than one favorite. =)

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