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Character Spotlight ~ Lisa T Bergren's Lord Rodolfo Greco

Character Spotlight ~ 
Lord Rodolfo Greco

Lisa T Bergren's Lord Greco has divided readers of her fabulous River of Time series, uncertain whether to love or despise him!  Read the books to find out exactly why he has caused such a furore ;-)

Over to you, Lisa:~

Brief physical description

Tall; broad shouldered; dark, wavy hair; dark eyes; powerful intensity

Actor/famous person

I was thinking of a younger Dylan McDermott with dark eyes…

Rel: But I was more partial to Eduardo Verastegui and Lisa wasn't too hard to convince...I wonder why?!?

Strengths and weaknesses

Strengths: Incredibly smart, good warrior, leader, focused, attentive

Weaknesses: Torn between loyalties

Quirk (if any)

He can sneak up on you without you hearing him

Your inspiration for the character

I first brought in Lord Greco purely as an antagonist, but soon saw he went much deeper, and was far more intriguing than I first thought. Since I write by the seat of my pants (rather than outlining), this surprised me as much as Gabi. He just kind of GREW out of his original bit spot to a major role in TORRENT. Good characters often do…

Background to the story

Marcello was such a strong hero for me, and dedicated to Gabriella in such a heart-stopping, and yet traditional, way. As Lord Greco began to steal into more and more scenes, I thought it’d be interesting for him to find himself equally drawn to her, in spite of himself. And, well, since he alternately captures and saves Gabi, and he’s rather, cough, handsome, he has her thoroughly confused about WHAT she feels for him. In sorting out what she thinks of him, she clarifies what she feels for Marcello, and this helps her decide her future.

Ah, Lisa ~ the Greco dilemma!  I so hope we will get to discover what happens to the man :)  

For a sneak peek into what Lisa has planned for the infamous Lord, if future books in this series develop, stop by her blog here for an excerpt of Tributary.

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Lisa Tawn Bergren said...

Awesome character spotlight, Rel! Now printing pics of Eduardo Verastegui for my character wall as I rev up to write TRIBUTARY!

Ronie Kendig said...

Oh yes, quite yummy. Eduardo is easy on the eyes. :-D Loved the profile, y'all!

Lydia said...

Have mercy, I have to stop falling in love with fictional characters LOL. Lisa and Ronie I hold you both responsible.

Anonymous said...

GULP- I think your Greco has been the best one Ive seen....I had the guy from Chuck in my head.... but never again....:D

Great interview!!

rgabnb said...

I am very very excited, anticipating Tributary's release...despite the presence of shifty Greco - you may notice I'm not particularly fond of him at this point ;)

Rel said...

So glad I could be of assistance, Lisa :) And Ronie, Lydia and Tina! He does have some rather lovely qualities, doesn't he?!

As for you, RGABNB, I know who you are and your thoughts on "shifty Greco" as you so like to favour him ;-D Hugs to you, dear girl xo xo

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