Friday, 23 March 2012

The Irish Healer by Nancy Herriman with North American giveaway


During the deadly 1832 cholera epidemic in London, a heartsick Irish healer must find the strength to overcome her most fearsome obstacles.

Accused of murdering a child under her care, Irish healer Rachel Dunne flees the ensuing scandal while vowing to never sit at another sickbed. She no longer trusts in her abilities-or God's mercy. When a cholera epidemic sweeps through London, she feels compelled to nurse the dying daughter of the enigmatic physician she has come to love. James Edmunds, wearied by the deaths of too many patients, has his own doubts about God's grace. Can they face their darkest fears? Or is it too late to learn that trust and love just might heal their hearts?

My take:~

After reading The Irish Healer, Nancy Herriman's debut novel, it came as no surprise that she has finaled in numerous awards for her non-published works and took home the 2006 RWA Daphne du Maurier award for Best Unpublished Mystery/Romantic Suspense.  In The Irish Healer, Nancy's beautiful prose paints descriptive word pictures of London, her inhabitants and the intriguing Dr Edmunds and secretive Rachel. Infused with threads of mystery, a gently developed romance and struggles with self worth and calling, this story captivates and delights.  In the vein of Siri Mitchell and Julie Klassen, spiritual themes are sensitively woven throughout as each of the characters come to terms with the tragedy of their past lives and open themselves to a future filled with hope and forgiveness.  The Irish Healer holds plenty of promise of an enduring career for the talented Nancy Herriman.

With thanks to Worthy and Wynn~Wynn Media for my review copy via NetGalley

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Keli Gwyn said...

Thanks for the review, Rel. The Irish Healer sounds like a great read.

Casey said...

Oooh, I entered!! I've been wanting to read this book since I heard about it. Your review is gret!

Charity U said...

Awesome giveaway! :)

Jen said...

Sounds like a book I would like. Can I borrow please as I can't enter this comp! Thanks Rel

Marie Burton said...

I just wanted to pipe in and say that I enjoyed this one too. James Edmunds was the star of the story for me =)

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