Wednesday, 14 March 2012

News & Notes

My dear friend and website guru extraordinaire, Kelli Standish, has completed her final two websites as she closes down her amazing company PulsePoint Design, and her life takes a different turn, opening up new opportunities for her to bless people as only she can.

The PulsePoint Design team, with the guidance and leadership of Kelli, have devoted their considerable talent and caring hearts to investing in the lives and websites of many of your favourite authors for the past ten years.  They will be missed but never forgotten!

Be sure to check out these websites and authors.


Cathy Gohlke ~ Christy Award winner and author of the just released Titanic story, Promise Me This

Carole Towriss ~ fascinated by Biblical fiction from a young age, Carole now writes it herself.  You can check out her upcoming stories here.


Last month I had the pleasure of being featured (obviously slow news days - LOL!) on the fabulous blogs of insightful reviewer and blogger, Kate Scott aka Parchment Girl and debut author Keli Gwyn.

On Kate's blog, you can learn about how I began my blog, my favourite books of the last 12 months, my favourite TV show and comfort!  Kate asks some great questions :)

Keli asked me about what I do with books I don't enjoy, where I'd love to take some great photos and what I wear to the beach - LOL! 
 It was a pleasure to spend time with Keli via her blog!


One of my favourite authors, Linda Windsor, has the first book in her Brides of Alba series free to download to Kindle or PC.  Read it free and then check out Thief and the soon to be released, Rebel!

Check out the link here


Kate {The Parchment Girl} said...

I'm so sad PulsePoint is closing it's doors! I've admired their work from afar for a long time.

Thanks for the mention, Rel! :)

Kelli Standish said...

Faithful friend, THANK you so much for the mention, and especially for promoting our last two author sites. These authors deserve the very best!

And Kate, thanks for your kind words:)

Keli Gwyn said...

It was a real privilege to have you as my guest, Rel. I enjoyed learning more about your review process and about you as a person. Now I know what you wear to the beach!

Ann Shorey said...

Loved your tribute to Kelli, Rel! She's an extraordinary woman and a dear friend.

Carole said...

Thanks for a fantastic tribut to Kelli! I am so sad to see her go just as I have begun to know her!

Carole Towriss

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