Monday, 7 May 2007

Autumn Blue by Karen Harter

5 Stars

Millard Bradbury is unimpressed by his new neighbours, a tired looking single mum with an unruly teenage son looking for trouble and two little girls who talk
incessantly. An insatiable mole is ravaging his beautiful lawn and his daughter is angling to put him in a facility for old folk. Millard just wishes everyone would leave him in peace to complete his crosswords and vicariously win Wheel of Fortune each day.

Sidney Walker is at her wits end over her son Ty's disappearance and subsequent arrest by the hard-hearted Deputy Sheriff Estrada who seems to have a personal vendetta against Ty. Sidney berates herself for breaking up with Jack, a man Ty respected and wonders if he will take her back and provide the stability and role model Ty desperately needs.

Each of these people's lives will become entwined in ways unimaginable becoming transformed by the power of love and forgiveness and the pursuit of integrity and purpose.

Autumn Blue is a powerful read, holding me captive from the first page and moving me to tears on more than one occasion. Karen Harter has created genuine and fascinating characters shaped by the loves and losses of their past and present. Karen enlightens the reader to their individual stories with consummate timing. This book is a true love story, not only in the romantic sense which is exquisitely done, but also by illuminating the joy of family and the sacrificial love of friendship that is unexpected yet completely transforming. A beautiful tale that I will read again and again.

Autumn Blue was released in March, 2007 by Center Street.


Deborah said...

yeap, i loved this book. i got quoted on her webpage! i'm the "christianbook" endorsement lol.

Fiona said...

Yes, this is definately the book I've had my eye on. I am placing it up the top of my 'to get' list now!!

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