Saturday, 26 May 2007

Notes from a Spinning Planet ~ Papua New Guinea by Melody Carlson

Accepting an invitation to yet another one of Aunt Sid’s adventures, Maddie Chase is going to Papua New Guinea. When helping her Aunt write an article about the AIDS epidemic in Papua New Guinea, Maddie faces her own difficult challenges.

When Maddie and Aunt Sid meet some of the New Guinea citizens, they find that life there isn’t very easy and that they have to be very careful. Life is different in this new country and everything is new and exciting for Maddie and Aunt Sid.

Notes from a Spinning Planet ~ Papua New Guinea is an informative book that tells us true facts about the aids epidemic and the effects it has had on this country. This book tells us sad things but within a superb story. The issues in this book are based on the poverty and health crisis in Papua New Guinea, I think this is good because it is different to other books Melody Carlson has written. This book is a good way to open people’s eyes and to realise that there are lots of bad things in this world.

I loved reading this book and seeing the challenges and struggles that they go through and how they work it out and deal with them.

Guest Reviewer: Chloe~Anne


Deborah said...

ahhh i've been dying to read this series, but i cannot find them anywhere. :( i love melody carlson's teen series. great review chloe anne!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic review Chloe-Anne, love the panda. Looking forward to reading more reviews from you

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review Chloe-Anne ~ well done ;)

It sounds like an interesting book. I'd love to have a read of it. I'm always interested in stuff related to PNG, seeing as how I grew up there.

Don't s'pose you have this in your library do you Rel?


Deborah said...

oh yeah btw my boyfriend is flying over the pacific ocean right now to visit his brother in sydney. yeap that lucky guy is going to australia for a week and a half. i told him to bring me either a crocodile dundee hat or a stuffed koala bear. :)

CeeCee said...

Wonderful review Chloe! You know Rel, great minds think alike. I'm trying to line up my guest reviewer for the summer. HA! We'll see. I try every summer and it's like pulling major molars!!!

Jenny said...

Welcome Chloe-Anne!!

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