Friday, 25 May 2007

Just for Donna Fleisher.....

Donna - all you need to know about the wonderful spread Vegemite can be found here!

The complete taste sensation will be arriving in your mail box so keep an eye out - LOL!!


donna fleisher said...

Oh my ... I am so cracking up right now. I should've known there would be a! Waaaaaay too funny.

I'll have you know, Relzer, that I just today asked my friend from New Zealand what vegemite was, and she was all prepared to give me a jar of it ... but realized it went out of date and she already threw it away. I was thiiiiiiis close to having my answer!!!

I asked her what it was and she said, "Some vegetable mixture that's real strong but tastes good on a lettuce sandwich." And I'm like, "But what is it made of?" She didn't know!!!

It's a conspiracy, I tell you.

I asked her if it would taste better with Miracle Whip, and she almost gagged. Poor girl. Guess not.

Do you have Miracle Whip down unda?

You're a hoot, do you know that?

Dat's why I love you. : )

Gotta go. I'm off to explore

donna fleisher said...

"... the yeast extract left over from the manufacture of beer."


Hmm. Gives one a reason to make beer, eh?

Oh, and I have to be fair to my NZ friend -- she did say it was made of yeast. And she mentioned Marmite too. Sounds just as yummy.

I'm saying a prayer for all you Happy Little Vegemites.

C.J. Darlington said...

Veta Vita Vegimins!! Where's Lucille Ball when you need her?

Rel said...

No doubt you have heard about Aussies and their love of beer! Not that I partake but I am glad for the vegemite! Now don;t be racing out to the letterbox yet, Donna - still have to send that little parcel on it's way!

donna fleisher said...

Goes good with crackers and lettuce sandwiches, right? Hold the Miracle Whip.

Okay, I think I'm ready ... bring it on!!!

: )

P.S. But no hurry.

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