Thursday, 24 January 2008

A Passion Most Pure by Julie Lessman

Patrick and Marcy O'Connor have a marriage their daughter, Faith dreams of ~ one of devotion, passion and a shared faith ~ she will settle for nothing less! Then she falls hard for the one man guaranteed to give her the passion she seeks but will fail dismally when it comes to belief in God and fidelity.

Collin McGuire, cheated by death of his father, turned to pursuing his own desires with little compunction regarding the morality or impact of his self-absorbed ways. Chasing after Charity O'Connor, Faith's beautiful little sister, Collin is startled by his attraction to the more sedate Faith and her God-fearing ways.

The O'Connor family is soon torn apart by not only the Great War but the bitter rivalry between two sisters and the man who can't decide between them.

A Passion Most Pure is a prodigious tale of love, desire, betrayal and the power of a transformed heart. Julie Lessman writes with humour and an authenticity readers will clamour for. Faith, Charity and Collins' characters are laid bare, their good qualities together with their faults displayed in a way that is both absorbing and thought provoking. The breathtaking feelings of new love are juxtaposed with the deep feelings of devotion and commitment shared by Patrick and Marcy. In a world where marriage is often trivialised, Julie's portrayal of the steadfastness of a God-centred marriage, despite human failures, and with passion ever present is delightfully refreshing. Complications abound due to heartache, tragedy, new attraction and confused hearts making each of the 477 pages enthralling. It all adds up to a triumphant debut novel for this new must read author!


Amy said...

LOVED this book and can't wait for the rest of the series! Great review!

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