Saturday, 19 January 2008

Skizzer by A J Kiesling

Stunned at her sister’s mysterious disappearance, Claire Trowling returns to her childhood home and digs up their buried treasure box in the hope of finding a clue to Becca’s whereabouts. With her distraught brother in law, Claire travels to England, in search of Becca, her family’s hidden history and her own destiny.

A J Kiesling’s debut novel is an intriguing delight about the love between two sisters and the emotional impact and damaging power of family secrets. Kiesling’s literary style is engaging and her characterisation spot on. England's beautiful countryside and its people are portrayed in enjoyable detail creating marvelous pictures in your mind.

While Becca disappearing without any communication with her devoted husband seems a little left field, the suspense is excellent and the romance woven in to Claire’s journey, a special treat. Skizzer launches A J Kiesling’s future as a novelist with style and I hope to read more from her soon.

Now available from Revell


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