Monday, 28 January 2008

Sneak peek at Awaken the Dragon by David Aikman

I loved the cover art for this novel and the premise, too. Read below for more details:~

Richard Ireton, a Hong Kong-based correspondent for America’s top news magazine, is about to discover dangerous new political currents flowing through South China. Assigned to investigate the disappearance of an American businessman, he uncovers the growing influence of Qigong, a Taoist meditation and martial arts movement, among Chinese organized crime gangs and plotting army troops.

This subversively spiritual, anti-foreigner cult rallies around an enigmatic leader, Great Master Wu, posing an imminent threat to peace in Asia and the continent’s relations with the United States. As Ireton’s reporting takes him closer into the story, he stumbles across both a political conspiracy complete with strange spiritual dimensions and secret hideouts of China’s underground Christian church.

Awaken the Dragon is the sequel to Qi, released by Broadman & Holman in 2005.


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