Monday, 28 January 2008

Sneak peek at Robert Liparulo's Dreamhouse Kings Series

I am always interested in what Robert Liparulo has up his sleeve! Here is a look at the first two books in his 6 book Young Adult series, the Dreamhouse Kings, from Thomas Nelson. I know my nephew and some other young friends of mine will enjoy getting their hands on these stories (and me, too!!)

In this stunning adventure series from acclaimed author Robert Liparulo, a house that is more than meets the eye will change the lives of the King family forever.

When the Kings move to a new home in a new town, the house seems odd at first; but things get really strange when they realize that some rooms are portals to other worlds.

House of Dark Shadows - The Kings face terrifying dangers within the rooms of their home, but it still seems like an adventure until people start coming out of the rooms and into the house. When one of the intruders kidnaps their mother, they must find a way to rescue her-but who would believe such a fantastical story?

Watcher in the Woods - The King Family begins their search, quickly realizing that they must learn more about the worlds in order to find their mother. But they also must pretend that all is well at home. When a stranger appears and tries to force them to sell the house, their desperation reaches new heights.

The four books that follow reveal that there is much more going on—and at stake—than we first realize.

The first two books release simultaneously in July, 2008.


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