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Character Spotlight ~ Charlene Baumbich's Josie, Lyle, Marsha & Barb with US giveaway

Josie, Lyle, Marsha & Barb

Charlene Baumbich's latest story will be much loved by those enjoying midlife, with characters in their 40s and 50s, still working on what is important in life just like most of us, regardless of age :)

Enjoy this insight! Over to you, Charlene:~


At age 47, Josie Victor Brooks is a lean, mean, healthy machine. Dark hair with hints of gray. Blue Eyes. Conservative in dress. As the book opens, she is short on smiles and long on serious research and single-minded purpose.

Actor/famous person: Kristin Davis

Strengths and weaknesses: Emotionally strong and self-sufficient, traits which serve her well, and nearly do her in. She is a great researcher and get-it-done, go-to person, but she can be harsh and extremely unsympathetic. She is smart and doesn’t know how much she needs something she doesn’t have—until she falls into it after strange encounters with a mysterious snowglobe.

Quirk (if any): She works so hard to simplify that she even owns four sets (& only four sets) of pajamas, all of the same powder blue cotton with three-quarter-length sleeves, which she wears the year around. Even though she is financially secure, she won’t buy a new handbag until she’s ready to get rid of the one she has. She doesn’t trust people who try to get close.


53, tall, good build, handsome, kind, approachable.

Actor/famous person: Tom Hanks

Strengths and weaknesses: Sympathetic, interested and interesting, loves his family, sometimes has a difficult time doing the hard thing. Doesn’t know how to keep his emotions in check.

Quirk: Sometimes gets himself caught up in over-thinking loops. (Personally so relatable!)


In her forties, somewhat short and a tad fluffy. She bites her nails. Smiles much. Kinda loud and feisty. Funny.

Actor/famous person: Joy Baher

Strength & weaknesses: She is fun, yet still fighting her own wounded and bitter heart: her husband left her for a younger woman. She is smart, although she doesn’t see herself that way. She’s a great mom and a good friend with a fun sense of humor.

Quirk: Writes really quirky fiction to work her way through dilemmas in her life, and nicknames everyone.


Age 62, comfortable looking, approachable, tender yet slightly mischievous eyes.

Actor/famous person: Susan Boyle

Strength and weaknesses: Kind, considerate, full of faith, compassionate, a doer. Knows how to bring out the best in everyone. She sometimes forgets to take care of herself.

Quirk: She has an innate gift to cheer people up.


Characters walk into my head and knock on my brain until they get my attention. If I forget about them, they weren’t interesting enough to ignite my curiosity. But Josie, well, she walked into my head and stared me down. Scary.

It “became clear to me” (via watching her actions as she showed up at work) that she had a tough job, but the toughness to handle it. Depending on only herself, she had control—until she pulled an annual contract in a company with a bleeding-heart boss and a bunch of good friends.

When Marsha and Barb showed up, I turned that blissful corner when the story started talking to me. When Lyle noticed Josie’s swinging backside, I knew I wanted to hear everything the story had to say.

I’m passionate about second chances, and this group of characters—planted in the midst of a tough economy and corporate downsizing—lent the perfect atmosphere.

Thanks very much for sharing your characters with us, Charlene :)

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Diane Marie Shaw said...

This needs to be added to my to be read list.
I like the sound of the characters, can't wait to get to know them.

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