Monday, 27 September 2010

Coming in 2011 from Tyndale House

Here's a taste of the books releasing from Tyndale House in 2011 and there will be more to come.

I can't wait to read Nicole Baart's conclusion to After the Leaves Fall and Summer Snow. Nicole writes beautiful literary prose that is second to none.

Henry McLaughlin is the 2009 Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild Operation First Novel Contest winner with Journey to Riverbend and it looks like Tom, Jason and Steve are serving up more thrills and spills with their 2011 releases.

Which ones are you looking forward to?

Beneath the Night Tree by Nicole Baart

Julia DeSmit knew at some point her son would ask about his dad, she just didn’t expect it now that she is finally content with the way her life has unfolded. A single mother to her son and younger brother, she cherishes living with her beloved grandmother and is h
oping to be engaged to Michael Vermeer—the man of her dreams—by year’s end.

Julia’s dream is threatened when a cryptic e-mail from her son’s father spins her world off axis. She hasn’t heard from Parker since he left her in a college parking lot without a backward glance. But one look at her son—the spitting image of his father—is enough to convince her that, for better or worse, Parker is a part of their story.

Faced with this new reality and the potential unraveling of her unorthodox family, Julia begins a tightrope walk between what was, what is, and what she hopes for in her sanctuary beneath the night tree.

February, 2011

Journey to Riverbend by Henry McLaughlin

Michael Archer is nothing if not a man of his word. Though he was unable to save Ben Carstairs, Michael is determined to carry out Ben’s dying wish: to be reconciled with his father. Unfortunately, Sam Carstairs, one of the most ruthless businessmen on the frontier, has no use for his own son, much less a man of God seeking reconciliation.

Soon after arriving in Riverbend, Michael meets and falls for the stunni
ng Rachel Stone while waiting for Sam to return from a business trip. Beautiful yet guarded, Rachel seems to be running from a past as dark as Michael’s. When word reaches town that Sam has been kidnapped on the stagecoach home, Michael offers to join the search party formed by the local sheriff.

With a budding romance behind him and a dangerous rescue ahead of him, he sets out on the trail, determined to complete his journey no matter the cost.

February, 2011

Beckon b
y Tom Pawlik

Some secrets weren’t meant to be discovered.

Three people are each drawn to Mount Beckon in western Wyoming. A biology profes
sor investigates a mysterious cave-dwelling arthropod and makes a terrifying discovery. An aging millionaire is offered a miraculous remedy for his wife’s dementia but must decide if the cure is worth the cost. And a reporter follows a cryptic lead to a strange compound built over an abandoned mine. One by one they discover the mountain’s ghastly secret.

The only question is . .
. will any of them make it out alive?

April, 2011

Inside Threat by Jason Elam & Steve Yohn

After taking two football seasons off, Riley Covington is attempting to make a comeback in the league while trying to forget Khadi Faroughi, now on security detail for a prominent senator.

But a new attack turns both of their lives upside down yet again. During a state funeral, terrorists overrun the National Cathedral and take senators, congressmen, and their entourages hostage, including Khadi. This new generation of The Cause is made up of homegrown terrorists—an inside threat to the security of the nation. They release most of the hostages, but not all. Several, including Khadi, are kept behind as significant bargaining chips.

The Cause pledges to behead one member of Congress each day throughout the month of Ramadan as a punishment for their own country’s rejection of Islam. Despite the protests of Counter-Terrorism Division director Scott Ross, Riley races to CTD armed with a plan and a fierce determination to rescue Khadi at all costs.

April, 2011


Laura Frantz said...

Rel, I love everything about your blog but you have the BEST cover posts! Wow! Go Tyndale! Am adding a couple of these to my list:) Bless you bunches.

Deborah said...

can't wait to read Nicole's books. just want to say that wow...the chick on Journey to Riverbend has Angelina Jolie lips.

Rel said...

Laura ~ you are so sweet :) Don't you love seeing what is coming up next?!

Deb ~ I see what you mean - LOL! Didn't notice until you mentioned it :)

Ronie Kendig said...

Oh wow. Pawlik's book sounds great. So does Elam/Yohn's--especially love the cover. I'll definitely be watching for these...

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