Thursday, 9 September 2010

News & Notes

I wanted to share with you some bookish happenings, blogs I have been enjoying and more! Let me know your thoughts :)

Anything or anyone you have been connecting with l

FamilyFiction Di
gital Magazine

This wonderful resource for fiction lovers is set to launch this month. With a newsletter straight to your inbox and a bimonthly magazine, you can enjoy author profiles, news columns, release updates and more covering all genres, be sure to sign up as the newsletter launches this Friday. You might even recognise one of the correspondents!

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Laura Frantz meets Richard Armitag
e in North & South

I don't talk much about my viewing habits but had to share the wonderful discussion going on at author Laura Frantz's blog about my beloved North & South, the BBC adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell's novel, set in newly industrialised England (not to be confused with the Civil War epic of the same name by John Jakes!). Laura has only just discovered the movie and we have had a fun discussion of the movie and our favourite leading man, Richard Armitage.

While you are there be sure to check out Laura's amazing historical novels and chat with her. She is one of those exceptional authors who responds to every comment on your blog and is a lovely lady to get to know.

Click here for more.

Carol Awards, 2010

The Carol Awards (formerly American Christian Fiction Writers Book of the Year Awards) will be announced on Sunday 19th September (US) and you can join the brilliant Tyson Wynn of Wynn~Wynn Media and the gorgeous Ronie Kendig, author of Nightshade and Dead Reckoning, via the live blog. It will be great fun.

Register for the live blog here

Jenny B Jones' Zippity Blog

Looking for a special treat? A belly laugh? A pithy profundity?

Check out Jenny's blog and her books. Thrice (I so wanted to use that word) nominated for a 2010 Carol Award, Jenny's books speak for themselves but I'm so glad Jen doesn't let them have a monopoly on her witticisms. Jen's blog posts and tweets always brighten my day!

Visit Jen's blog and follow her on Twitter


Laura Frantz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Laura Frantz said...

Rel, You've made my day ~ my week ~ my month! Seeing RA here is such a nice touch. Everyone should have this incredibly romantic, impossibly well done film in hand. It provides endless inspiration. There's never been such a hero. And thanks for the mention of our North & South discussion here. It sure blesses me. You are a dear friend.

The family fic info looks great. Looking forward to ACFW and all the rest! Bless you.

Edna said...

Just dropping in to say hello and hope all is well with you and yours. I sure am glad this hot weather is slowly going away, it has been terrible here.

Take care and may God bless

mamat2730 at charter dot net

Tracy said...

I always enjoy a visit to Jenny's blog too. That woman has more wit in her little finger than I have in my entire body!

Jenny B. Jones said...

Rel, thank you soooooo much. You are such an encourager and do so much for Christian fiction and CF authors. We love you!! (And thank you for the sweet words, Tracy!)

And this is the millionth time I've seen mention of that version of North and South. I've GOT to get with it and watch it. I'm a North and South Loser!

Rel said...

Laura - it is always a treat for me when you drop by! Isn't our RCA a fine man?! Now, as Camy Tang says, to get my hubby wearing a cravat - LOL!

Edna - thanks for saying hi, I appreciate it :) Our hot weather will start soon, can you believe we are tired of being wet and cold!

Trac - love you, dear friend :) Yes, the lovely Miss Jones is so much fun, isn't she? I must book her in for another book club conference call :)

Jen - yes, talking about you, girl! Love it that you dropped by. And yes, hasten and get thee a copy of North & South - I can't wait to read a post of yours about N&S and the very fine Richard Armitage. I am referring only to his honeyed tones, of course!

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