Saturday, 11 September 2010

More Hometown Mysteries from Barbour

Barbour Books is back in 2011 with more of their Hometown Mysteries.

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The Camera Never Lies by Elizabeth Goddard

Photographer extraordinaire Polly Perkins is fascinated by people. But when a friend hires her for a wedding at an Oregon national park, she captures a murder victim instead! Will her uncanny ability to read emotion through a camera lens help her prevent another crime---and maybe zoom in on a chance for romance, too?

December, 201

Burying the Hatchet by Chris Well

Longtime grump, Earl Walker is attending church for the first
time in years. The minister, Andrew Benton,has been waging a public war with celebrity psychic Montague Black, who is riding his way to national fame by intruding on a local murder investigation. The pastor, standing on the Bible, opposes consorting with a psychic. When the two men are invited to a public summit, both walk into the room--but only the minister comes out alive. Can Earl prove that Pastor Benton was inexplicably framed...or is it time to start looking for a new church?

January, 2011

Blown Away
by Nancy Mehl

Hilde Higgins has an unexplainable dislike of clowns. Trouble is that she's fallen for a handsome stockbroker who moonlights a s a clown at the children's hospital. When Harold "Binky" Tuttwiler and another member of the clown group both end up dead, Hilde's boyfriend suddenly becomes a
suspect of murder. Is someone clowning around with the Clowns for Christ, or has Hilde misjudged the man she thought Adam Sawyer to be? Can Hilde solve the mystery before a Kansas twister blows away all the evidence?

February, 2011

The Perfect Match by Janice Hanna

Shortly after Devin Peterson signs up at the local dating service the Perfect match the business is set on fire. When Devin's mom, Annie, vows to find the culprit, suspects abound. Is the arsonist the financially strapped widow who runs the match
making service; the bitter newspaper editor who rues the day he wed his "unfortunate match"; the unsatisfied forty-something customer who's never found her ideal mate; or the investigator with a shady past? Will Annie and her cast of cohorts solve the crime before another arson reignites the citizens of Clarksborough? Will Devin find Ms. Right before anything else goes wrong?

March, 2011

Rest in Peace
by Frances Devine

In Cedar Chapel, Where Victoria Storm runs a senior boardinghouse, things are quiet. That is, until she enters the local pet store and finds Clyde Foster, the owner, dead, and his parrot, Watzit, frantically screeching. What clues will this bird reveal regarding a murder most foul? Unable to resist a mystery, Victoria, her fiance' Benjamin, and her senior cohorts begin their own investigation, landing them headfirst in a dangerous adventure. When their friend, Miss Aggie disappears, leaving a blood-stained trail, no one seems safe. Will Victoria live long enough to unravel the clues and tie the knot?

April, 2011

Died in the Wool by Elizabeth Ludwig & Janelle Mowery

Hoping to procure much needed funds o buy computers for her beloved library, Monah Trenary is battling for monies donated to the city of Pine Mills. When a rival for the revenue ends up dead, M
onah is one of the prime suspects. Could she have killed for computers? Pine Mills police detective Mike Brockman is dismayed when he finds evidence that monkshood and Monah appear to be a lethal combination. As bodies begin piling up, Monah and proven sleuth Casey Alexander step up their own investigation. Will they clear the librarian's name before she's booked for murder?

May, 2011

Chocolate C
overed Crime by Cynthia Hickey

Summer Meadows' chocolate candy business is booming in Spring, Arkansas, and she becomes overwhelmed with her own April Fool's Day wedding plans. But then her cousin/wedding planner is found murdered and more mysteries keep occurring at family parties. Can Summer resist the urge to investigate when she and her dysfunctional relatives are dipped into a plot of unrequited love, internet scam, and jilted hearts? Could the murderer be related to her and have Summer targeted next? Will her fiance' support her sleuthing antics, or is he another suspect with something to hide?

June, 2011


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